Silverfish Control

Silverfish Control

Silver fish are definitely among the commonly found insects, especially in Canada. These insects can get really troublesome and complicated to control because they usually move very quick whenever they are disturbed. This is mainly to avoid being detected, a fact that will require a professional if you really are determined to control them in your residential or commercial building. And, that is the point where we, at Advance Pest Control, come in. We’re equipped with all the technology, equipment and expertise needed to wipe these insects out of your home or place of work. We are available in various cities including but not limited to Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond, White Rock, Abbotsford, Aldergrove and Coquitlam. The fact that these insects can cause a lot of damage to your books, fabric, walls, food and literally anything that will come their way is reason enough to pick up that phone and call us on 604-786-4161 for affordable, reliable and effective pest control services. Silver fish mostly feed on proteins and carbohydrates but that is not to say that they will not destroy anything that they will find on their way. Here, at Advance Pest Control, we ensure that you get the best services. We have worked hard to have our services across Greater Vancouver area so that our clients can have ease in accessing our services. You can easily reach us for pest control in Burnaby, Ladner, North Vancouver, and White Rock among many other places.
Silverfish Vancouver


The following are a few of the many facts about silverfish. They can grow legs if they lose one

  • Silverfish adults can live for over 3 years.
  • Silverfish have been in existence for 300 million years.
  • Other names include; fish moths, carpet sharks, paramites and firebrats due to their appearance and behavior


Life cycle of Silverfish

Silverfish undergo incomplete metamorphosis. Theirs is a three-stage process. The life cycle of a Silverfish takes 3-4 months. A Silverfish can lay eggs at any time of the year. They can lay up to 100 eggs in the cracks and crevices they live in. the eggs take 3-5 weeks to hatch into nymphs and molt 10 times before they become adults. The length of the process is determinant on factors such as temperature, humidity, food. The adults can live for about 2-8 years.


Silverfish are found in various colors including grey, silvery and brown. They are long and slender. They are cigar-shaped, wingless, silver-grey, 12mm long insects. They have two long antenna and three tail-like appendages on the tips of their abdomen that are as long as their bodies.  They are very fast and are always looking for places that have a variety of food. There they will settle. They do not swim in the water; they only enjoy the moist places. This makes getting rid of the Silverfish a quite complicated process that will need attention from pest control professionals such as our Silverfish control services offered in Vancouver, Richmond, Pitt Meadows and Port Moody.

Habitat and feeding

Silverfish exist in all environments but prefer damp or moist places so you are likely to find them in your bathroom or kitchen. They are nocturnal but still active in bright places. During the day, according to pest control experts, they hide in crevices and walls to avoid being seen. You will also find them hiding in windows, door frames, bookcases and older paper. Careful so that they do not eat your memories away. You need Advance Pest Control to ensure this.

Silverfish are considered omnivorous because they can actually feed on anything. They will feed on starchy and protein foods like wallpaper paste, carbohydrate food debris, glues, cereals, moist wheat flour and natural textiles. They also feed on mold and fungus. They are called scavengers because they feed on small things like bread crumbs but can be really a headache to control hence the need to hire our professional services for Silverfish control in Vancouver and Silverfish control in Port Coquitlam.

Prevention and control

In order to prevent or control Silverfish, you must be able to detect them, something which can be a bit hard if you really don’t have the kind of expertise needed. But you, at any time, hire our services at any time depending on where you are at. Some of the signs that you haveSilverfish will include the following:

  • Finding the cast of Silverfish because they molt all their lives
  • Holes in walls are a clear indication that there are Silverfish
  • Irregular tear on books
  • Yellow stains on clothes and paper
  • Nests around the house belonging to other animals could also tell of a Silverfish infestation

Preventive and control measures that you could apply while waiting for us are:

  • Eliminate any dampness in the household
  • Remove all the humidity in the house since Silverfish thrive in such humid conditions. You can use a dehumidifier, ventilate closed rooms and attics, eliminate standing water and run an air conditioner
  • vacuum cracks and crevices
  • remove moist foods or simply keep the food storage area dry
  • Spray insecticide in the inside perimeter and the outside to ensure that none enter and those that are inside are exterminated
  • Bait areas of infestation

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