The home front is perhaps one of those places where pests can find a home and food to last them their lifetime. Cockroaches, rodents, flies, fleas, bedbugs, spiders, ants, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, name them; the home pest infestation has an almost endless list. Once these find their way into your home, they are often intent at staying there and not leaving. They thus become part of your family, much to your dislike.

Many home owners may have tried a number of sprays and other DIY products on these in their quest to rid their homes of them, but to no avail. Sooner rather than later, these always resurface. So what may you be doing wrong? Well, understanding these pests in the first place is the key to knowing where the problem is.

First, it is best to know how these pests come to your home. Most of them are attracted to the warmth and security the home offers. This includes things like food and protection from the elements. Once a pest or pests find these readily available, they will move in. Once they move in, they often look for a place where they can stay without you noticing them or easily finding them. This will include those very dark corners in your cabinets, wall corners and crevices in your home. They also love it where there is a pipe that leaks water.

If your house keeping is not up-to-date, you will likely miss them. If you are prone to leaving the dishes in the sink at night, they will never lack food. Still, if you store your foodstuff poorly, they will have something to gnaw at and contaminate. If you do not properly wipe the surfaces where food is prepared and taken, they will find something to dish there. If your home’s wood structure is not well insulated from the ground and has some cracks, termites will find their way into your home and slowly eat it up overtime.

These are but a few of the ways through which the pests gain access to your home. You may thus not spot them immediately, but much later when their numbers have grown. During this time, your family will likely start experiencing some health problems that are brought on by food getting contaminated by the pests. Realize that if you notice or see any one of these pests, it often means that they have already taken up residence in your home and have multiplied immensely.

Now to the question of how is it that even after spraying, some of these pests still seem to not die away? Well, the problem often is that you may not be spraying the right places. An example of these is the cockroach. They normally have a place where they lay their eggs, and in large numbers. You may thus successfully spray and kill all the adults in your home. But, the eggs will still hatch, and you will the cockroaches again after a few months.

This is why knowing how to effectively rid your home of pests is important. You should know of places where the pests hide as well as where they hatch their eggs. Once you can locate these, you will successfully rid your home of these pests. However, there is also always the concern of using the dangerous poison that is an insecticide or pesticide, which most homeowners find readily available in drug stores.

It is god to know that s number of residential pest control companies have tried and tested methods of getting rid of these pests from your home without leaving behind dangerous chemicals in your home. They are also very good at advising you on the best house-keeping methods that can keep the pests away from your home.

You should thus try to contact them when you feel like your home is infested with pests. A number of products and methods are used to rid your home of them. These are often crafted to suit a particular home’s situation, since not all homes may have the same problems with a particular pest. Should you wish to contact one of these companies, it is good to look at their extermination methods, the safety of the products they use as well as the effectiveness of the methods they employ.

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After years of experience and expertise, we have formulated state-of-art ants control solutions using spray, baiting and powders to cater to the customized needs of our clients. Fool-proof treatment – We inspect and reach all possible areas in your area.


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We offer a full range of pest removal and control services that can help eliminate squirrels, rodents, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, wasps and many other types of pests too. Our Services cover all forms of residences. We will deliver the best pest control service, regardless of whether you are a family homeowner or a landlord. We always aim to satisfy our customers’ specific needs. They don't have to worry. Whatever pest control solutions you need, we offer the ideal services to help you out. We offer effective solutions. We are active to serve you right away, 365 days a year. We will respond to your request within quickly and have someone on site at your facility within 24 hours-guaranteed if necessary.When choosing Advance Pest Control for services, we start with a facilities inspection to determine the source odor problem. Then, based on our findings, we develop a tailored plan. We will be installing the appropriate pest control technology if necessary. Pest effective control is an ongoing operation; our Pest Specialists will continue to track and change your treatment system as needed. Advance Pest Control has proven expertise and the industry's leading capabilities cover all aspects of pest control using modern technologies and techniques that are environmentally responsible solutions, and non-toxic therapies, recognized and latest cost-effective technology.


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Our innovative approach to pest control means we can use the latest specialist equipment and training to help you deal with residential pests, plus our many years of industry experience. Once we have all the necessary information about your pest problem from you, we can then begin resolving the problem. This support comes in the form of our professional technicians in pest control, who can exterminate, handle and eradicate pest problems in any / all residential properties. We know you reach out for help when you call an exterminator to solve a problem you can't solve yourself. Our exterminators are well trained in their field and are experienced. You will always find them to be reliable, courteous, and concerned about you and any pest problems you may have. They will state the price of the service upfront, and always recommend a treatment program to keep pests under control at a reasonable cost. We guarantee that your home will be free from ants, fleas, spiders, earwigs, rats, mice, roaches, beetles, black spiders, stored food pests, silverfish, crickets and other annoying and potentially harmful plagues. We don't believe in any pest left behind. If, after treatment, you still have a pest problem, we’ll come back until they’re gone for good. Your satisfaction is our passion.

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All our technicians are fully trained and can inform you about our treatments for pest control and the techniques for removing pests. All our technicians are thoroughly vetted. They take their work very seriously, and give you the most efficient and safe service possible. Our personnel will always be polite and courteous. No matter how difficult it is to get rid of the pests they do it as quickly as possible. And with the smallest possible disruption to your everyday routine. Every home is truly unique, when you have a problem with pests or want to defend your home from potential threats, we use our science-based approach to help determine the source of your problem and incorporate a solution specifically tailored for your home. During each visit, you can count on a highly-trained specialist to investigate, protect, fortify, keep watch, report, and follow up to maintain our Points of Service standard. . Comprehensive cleaning and sanitation post-treatment programme. Often, both the pest control company and the facility manager question or investigate only when a problem arises and do not focus on continuous monitoring for efficacy and problem development. It is important to track the results and then adjust the products & methods used to maintain the facility as a pest-free environment.