We are all familiar with pests that attack and cause a nuisance in our homes. However, homes are not the only places where pests attack. The workplace is also very likely to experience pest invasion. Birds, bats and other small animals are the most common pests to invade industries. Since these are usually very busy places, noticing their presence may take some time. When some machinery get stuck, holes become present in roofs or when vents become nests, thus causing fires in the industries will you realize that there are some animals causing these havocs.

These pests can do a number of damages to your industrial business. One is that they tend to reduce the overall staff morale. How is this? Imagine going to work where there is a pest infestation. Will you be comfortable working there? Obviously not. This will only demoralize you, and being demoralized often leads to other more negative things, like missing work, having poor performance and maybe even thinking of working elsewhere.

These will in turn have a negative impact on the place where you are employed. The staff turnover may increase, the production may be low, and thus the business will experience a period of low production, which will of course cause losses to the business. Also, the pests themselves can cause great damage to the products, the equipment as well as raw materials. Think of a scenario where you are manufacturing a food product and rodents infest the place. Either they will be eating up the stored raw material, or worse, contaminating it. If not properly checked, the raw material will become contaminated, and when used will only produce a defective food product.

This then goes out to the market, and causes some food poisoning to someone or a family. If the family or person is keen enough, they will obviously sue the manufacturing company for damages. This will lead to the company getting a bad repute for making toxic food, as well as lead to huge financial losses that come about as a result of the lawsuit. Think also of the cost of repair that comes when a fire starts, or when certain structures in the premise are damaged by pests. This goes to show the huge negative impact pests have to industrial businesses.

Since most industrial premises are usually quite large, getting rid of the pests on their own is usually not that easy. It can however be accomplished by working with industrial pest control companies. These companies normally have equipment that is best suited to work effectively in the industrial setting.

Different companies will have different approaches, products and methods of exterminating the pests. Generally, when you contact them to come and help with pest infestation, the first thing they do is to conduct an assessment of the place. They will thus look for where the pests hide, where they nest as well as the areas where they love attacking and causing damages.

Once this is done, a procedure on how to go about the extermination is drawn. This will often involve noting down where to start and end the extermination, which products and equipment to use, as well as the tie it will take to finish the process. In some cases it may take a day, while in other cases it may take several days before the problem is solved.

Apart from just exterminating the pests, the companies will have know-how on how to keep these away. This is often included as part of their services, which you can ask for. It is much better to keep the pest away than having to wait for signs of infestations and endure huge losses in the process. They also offer continual checkups where they come periodically to your industrial site to conduct checks to make sure that the pests have not come back to the premise.

While it may seem expensive  to hire an industrial pest control to exterminate as well as monitor the pest situation in your industrial area , it is nothing compared to the damages that will result from pest infestations. The downtime some industries and manufacturing companies have encountered have often resulted in huge losses, it is therefore much better and sensible to work with the industrial pest control companies to completely keep the pests at bay.


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Our team has decades of experience in pest control and extermination services. The experience means that we have faced and overcome any pest control removal problem. Our experience also means that at a moment’snotice, we can answer any of the questions our clients ask. Our customers can call us when they discover a pest on their premise, and can rely on Advance Pest Control to provide effective guidance based on the latest industry information.When we arrive at your property, we carry on all our vehicles a wide variety of state-of-the-art and very effective material. The industry’s art is understanding what content to use on which pest and under what circumstances. For others, a particular material may be working on the same pest but not for your situation. The use of the wrong material could make the issue even worse. Sometimes the right material still doesn't work, so we'll try another suitable material or some other technique for application. The moral is there is no golden bullet; there is no specific working stuff. Our technicians are trained to go through the correct thought process to provide the most effective control. We value each of our customers' needs and wishes and we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships. As such we maintain an open communication line with our customers from beginning to end. We want you to feel confident about the plan we're creating for your home and we're always happy to answer your questions.

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For all Pest Control emergencies, Advance Pest Controloffers one of the quickest response times in the local region. Our response team is connected through an ever-on communication system that keeps them informed about emerging customer needs. We also operate a large fleet of response vehicles, each equipped with state-of-the-art wildlife removal and pest control equipment so that our technicians can effectively complete their work. When you select Advance Pest Control, you will be given quick access to the most qualified experts in control.Efficient management of pests is a cycle of thinking and a measured plan for management. Which is why we thoroughly train our team in how to diagnose and prepare a solution for your particular pest problem. We incorporate a lot of both chemical and non-chemical treatment strategies. The most successful way to control pests is by incorporating various methods, also known as Integrated Pest Management or IPM. Other happy customers forward us to the vast majority of new customers. By providing the least invasive, most effective products we strive to satisfy each of our customers in full. We make sure that the homes of our clients are treated in a way that suits their lifestyle and needs, and we provide ongoing support to ensure their home stays bug-free for the long haul.