Pests have become such a normal occurrence, such that we find ourselves accustomed to living with them. Along with the residential, we should take care of commercial pest control related things as well. Only when our health is threatened, or our business and commercial premises compromised do we actively seek to rid ourselves of the pests. But, is it good to wait for signs of damages for us to start getting rid of the pests, or should we stop the pests from causing any damages in the first place?

The old saying that prevention is better than cure is very applicable in this case. Pests can be a terrible nuisance, especially when they are found in human settlements. In commercial premises and office buildings, pests such as cockroaches, rodents, flies and bedbugs are the most common nuisance of animal and insect occurrences. We may ask ourselves, just how do these find their way to such a place as a Business or commercial premises to do Pest Control?

Food is almost always the most common thing that attracts these pests to these premises. Cockroaches and rodents for one love to live where there is a lot of food. Commercial premises that will then most likely be hit by them will include almost any premise where food is prepared and stored. The hospitality industry and the food industry are the ones that are often worst hit by these pests. Not cleaning up food remains properly, leaving dirty dishes in the sink for too long, as well as poor food storage all lead to pest infestations in these premises. That’s why commercial pest control has become too much important and necessary these days.

Such pests normally are very good at hiding. So how do you tell if your premise has these pests present in them? For a start, you may notice some signs of gnawing present in your foodstuff or in certain corners of the building. These are signs of rodents. You may also spot a cockroach crawling on the wall, meaning that there might be others hiding somewhere. Bedbugs are spotted only when you are changing the sheets or doing the bed.

Spotting these may sometimes be hard. You may have however noticed some tiny black spots concentrated on the walls, in the corners of an office or room, or even realize some sort of odor coming from certain places. You may also notice ants concentrated near where there is sugar, and also where people normally take tea. These are usually indications of the presence of pests. You may thus take steps in starting to get rid of them.

Cockroaches normally love hiding in dark places, where you won’t easily see them. You will thus find in inside cupboards and crevices on the wall. Rodents also love to nest in corners where you rarely go. Flies are very obvious to spot, and bedbugs love places where people sit or sleep. Using an insecticide or pesticide is often the most common method people employ in riding their premises of such pests.
Commercial Pest Control

Protecting your business from pests

After years of experience and expertise, we have formulated state-of-art ants control solutions using spray, baiting and powders to cater to the customized needs of our clients. Fool-proof treatment – We inspect and reach all possible areas.


Identification and Assessment

Your reputation is at stake when you have pests, alongside damage to stock and property. Our Advance Pest Control team provides a full array of pest removal and control services for business and commercial premises. Our skilled and qualified pest technicians will visit your premises and offer expert advice and plan of action. Needless to say, we want our customers to know about our programs, not the pest problems you've had.Our unified department for commercial scheduling can be found online and by phone. Do you have multiple locations but need to have master billing in one central location? We have you covered. The personalized web portal of your company's pest will give you the opportunity to schedule a service, request a pest identification, view past invoices and statements and much more. We also provide you with an after-hours emergency phone number.Control of pest problems in warehouses and storage facilities is a demanding process, especially when food and beverage items are handled by your facility. You have plenty to think about the day-to-day activities of operating your warehouse or storage facility, so leave the highly trained pest specialists with your pest control needs. Keeping your property free of pests includes providing a quality office environment.

Process of Pest Control

Once we have thoroughly inspected your property, we will be developing a plan specifically for your property and company. That will include regular premises inspections and the installation of special pest prevention and elimination equipment. We will check our equipment every time we visit, and provide replacements if necessary. As part of the contracts we provide, your property will receive a monitoring system which tracks pests. It will also help you set up a discrete method that your employees can use to report pest citations. With rising costs it's hard not to raise prices, however, we have worked very hard to become more efficient and cost effective to keep delivering the highest level of service while keeping our prices minimal. Advance Pest Control has invested in upgrading equipment, service software, and employee training to provide better, more efficient service to you. By doing so, we expect to build long-term relationships with our customers, who enjoy outstanding service at a reasonable price.Our state licensed pest specialists are committed to protecting your properties from pests, as well as the health of your employees and customers. Our monthly bureau service plans are planned to maintain a safe and pest-free office environment, from bug control to rodent control!

Residential Pest Control

Service and Follow up

Our operations staff also includes Extermination Specialists and Technicians. Before our technicians are allowed to work in the field they must go through a thorough training program. Our team provides periodic inspections at the facilities of our commercial customers to ensure the quality of our work.Our pest inspection helps you understand where most pests can enter the most vulnerable access points and we plug those points. We educate you on habit change and give retailers and restaurants guidance to help prevent pests from entering food preparation areas. We have follow ups which are designed to keep your home in a controlled condition and deal with already laid insect and spider eggs, which will hatch out within the structure. Follow-ups will also provide protection against new arrivals which invade the home constantly from outside. Most our customers take regular follow-up treatments for protection year round to insure the best results and maintain the highest level of control over unwanted pests of all kinds. Never again will you worry about pests getting in the way of a good healthy working conditions inspection. We educate you on why getting regular inspections at your premises are a good reason. Increase earning potential through offering a pest-free living environment at your rental properties.