Carpet Beetles Control

Carpet Beetles

You are walking through the carpeted area in your home or sitting and suddenly notice small colourful creatures around you. How come! You have been very careful in keeping your home clean then what is this small about 1.7 to 3.5 mm rounded almost spherical bodied insects with scales of different colours, with irregular pattern of white, brownish and yellow feature. These are carpet beetles. Their larvae are hairy and about 4-5 mm long. It is the larvae which damage natural fibre, carpets, upholstered furniture and clothing.

Larvae hatch from eggs in the spring and early summer, often around stored fabrics or bird nests. If not controlled larvae may hang around from 3 months to 3 years. Adults emerge in May and early August. They live for about 2 weeks to few months if temperature and survival conditions are favourable. Eggs are laid close to human environment or bird nests, tree hollows and similar places where larvae can find food. Their food is Keratin and Chitin of natural fibre, dead insects, animal hair and feathers.

In homes, adults usually lay their eggs in air ducts, in closets, under furniture or under the baseboards. The hatched larvae hide in dark undisturbed areas and feed on organic material. These can damage furniture, clothing, blankets, furs, carpets, etc. Some times you may find these in equipment like musical instruments which have been stored for a long period.

Carpet Beetles are harmful creatures. They destroy your favourite belongings. These do not bite human, but in susceptible people hairs shed from larvae may cause irritated itchy wells that are sometimes mistaken as bedbug bites.

Vacuuming carpets and upholstered furniture thoroughly and repeatedly, washingundamaged linen (damaged linen to be discarded) with hot soapy water may help to get rid of visible pests, but how about those in crack, crevasse and hidden places.

Don’t ignore them or leave to nature. You have the option of total carpet beetle control by hiring a professional pest exterminator. They will apply tested, trusted and effective control strategies. One click to Advance Pest Control may take away all your worries by removing carpet beetles from your home.

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