Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

If there is a pest that disrupts the smooth running of things in the entire world, from Asia to America, it is the cockroach. Dealing with this pest is so difficult for homeowners as well as to owners of commercial buildings as they know no boundaries. That is why controlling them by yourself can be an exercise in futility and you end up consulting pest control companies such as Cockroach control in Vancouver and Cockroach control in Burnaby.

Cockroaches, assume a habitat in your household and breed, making millions of families that most homeowners become devastated to a point that they resign themselves to the fact that they will never leave their homes. If you have an infestation, you may find cockroaches in your food, in your fridge, in your clothes, even in your shoes! Let’s agree that cockroaches are a menace and need to be dealt with immediately with the help of qualified experts like our teams for Cockroach control Coquitlam, Cockroach control Surrey and Cockroach control Langley. Forget that false belief that you can do nothing about them. With Advance Pest Control you are on your way to taking back your home.


  • Cockroaches have been there since time immemorial
  • They can live for a month without food
  • Some females only mate once and remain pregnant for the rest of their lives
  • They can live for two weeks without water
  • They can live for a week without their heads
  • Some cockroaches live up to one year.


Life cycle of a cockroach Some cockroaches can live for up to one year. Egg-nymph-adult Female cockroaches lay many eggs enclosed in a casing. The eggs range from 5-10mm and are easily visible. Each ootheca has 15-40 eggs. The cockroaches do this in places where they cannot be detected; under furniture, in dark corners etc. the females carry the ootheca until the eggs hatch; this happens in about 2-8 weeks. They are now called nymphs which are smaller and wingless. These will then shed their skins several times during early development for up to even 3 months. Some even take more time. At this stage, according to Advance Pest Control experts, are now adults. They vary in size depending on the type of cock roach they are. The American cockroach has the longest lifespan of up to 3 years during which it’s turning from nymph to adult. Habitat Cockroaches are found in houses especially in cupboards, cabinets, or in sewages, drains, and pipes. They are generally found in places that are warm, moist and have food. Some of these places are hard to reach in order to kill these annoying pests hence the reason you should always think of hiring experts in this area such as our team for Cockroach control in Surrey or Cockroach control in Richmond. Characteristics Cockroaches are small insects, brown or white color depending on the stage of development they are in or the type of roach they are, ranging from tiny to over 10cm in size. They have wings and can fly depending on the age. There are four major types of cockroaches: American cockroaches This cockroach was brought into America from Africa during the Slave -Trade Era. It is the biggest cockroach of all. They are reddish brown in color, oval, have 6 legs, wings and antenna. They eat plants and other insects. Brown-banded cockroaches They have two light bands across their brownish bodies hence their names. They hide their eggs in furniture. They live up to 6 months. They are oval in shape, have 6 legs, wings and antenna. They prefer starchy foods and also your clothes. Unlike other roaches, they prefer living in drier places. German cockroaches They are the most common roaches in the Unites States. They can live between 100-200 days. They range from brown to dark brown, oval, have 6 legs, have wings and antenna. They eat sweet and floury food and you could find them in your toothpaste too. Oriental cockroaches Just like the American roaches, they owe their origin to Africa. They are darker and larger than the other roaches. The most distinct thing about them, at least according to pest control experts Cockroach control Port Moody, is the smell and the dirt they have. They are dark brown to almost black, have 6 legs, wings and antenna. They feed on garbage.

Diseases they can cause

The ability of cockroaches to crawl into your food, fridge, and utensils with makes it unhygienic and poses a major threat to the health of you and your family. Their habitats which include sewages are also a major cause of diseases. That is why you really need to talk to us at Cockroach control Pitt Meadow and we’ll walk with you in the journey of cleaning your home or premises of these dangerous pests.

  • They bring with them from sewages a lot of germs and bacteria that cause diseases.
  • They contaminate food by leaving feces on the food they eat or pass on.
  • They can cause allergic reaction by casting off their skin which is an allergen.
  • They can cause asthma in children.
  • They can cause food poisoning, typhoid and amoebic dysentery.

Prevention and Control

At Advance Pest Control, we will come and offer you free inspection and help you get rid of all cockroaches in your home or place of work or business. No doubt about that. All cockroaches can be prevented and controlled through the following ways:

  • Keeping the kitchen clean and dry
  • Often vacuum your house
  • Seal cracks
  • Use safe and effective pesticides

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