Spider Control

Spider Control

“Itsy bitsy spider… climbed up the water spout.” It never gets tired of climbing… over and over. It is we who are completely exhausted trying out measures to keep spiders away from our homes and offices. Is there any solution to this traumatizing problem?

Of over 35,000 species of spiders found worldwide, a few hundred of them can be fatal to human existence. These eight-legged anthropoids consist of fangs that contain poison. They possess segmented bodies with limbs joining to the main body segments.

It is quite natural for anyone to get creepy feelings under the skin when they sight spiders in their homes. Moreover, if you ever get bitten by the venomous spider, you are sure to end up in a hospital. How do they find their way into buildings? There is no specific entry or exit point for the spiders to enter your homes. They may crawl along the wall through windows and door openings or from inside the crevices and cracks on the wall. You need to take proactive steps towards spider control methods.

How we can help

Our complete services at Advance Pest Control are formulated to provide fool-proof techniques to get rid of the problem. We begin with a complete inspection of homes; provide necessary treatment by use of chemicals which ensure complete removal of spiders, cleaning up of the areas and prevention support to avoid further infestations.

Some preventive measures

  • Windows and doors must be sealed properly with the screens snuggly fitting to prevent spiders from entering. There are also window sweeps which can be installed to eliminate these problems.
  • If you find any cracks and crevices on windows and walls, don’t delay sealing them. This way, spiders wouldn’t find a single way to enter your premise. Use some sealant or caulks to fill those gaps. You should take steps first to find out where the gaps are present.
  • Spiders feed on dead insects. Stay cautious and clean up every corner of the home regularly. The dead remains of insects should be eliminated from time to time to avoid spiders.
  • Clear the homes of spiders from the place. Cobwebs can be found anywhere on the walls, unattended furniture or attics, outside the homes on structures or lights etc. So make sure to clean them off completely for better prevention of spiders. Use a broom or a vacuum to remove webs from places. Don’t leave toys littered for days together. There is a possibility that spiders might have entered and built webs in them.
  • Outside vegetation and hard to clean areas also encourage their harborage and easy entry into the house. Keep exterior of house as clean as possible to discourage buildup of spider webs.

As a homeowner, we understand how daunting it is for you to keep spider problems at bay. However, it is high time you take immediate action against it before the issue aggravates. If you are informed about the preventive measures and are aware of how to find their hideouts, it would become a lot easier a task. We offer extraordinary assistance for such pest control maneuver. We will manage all kinds of spider problems efficiently and effectively with our experience and expertise.

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