Bird Pest Control

Bird Pest Control

Bird pests are a common occurrence in the city. A number of different bird species often form these pests. They include the house sparrow, starlings, collard doves, seagulls and feral pigeons. These usually become pests when they build their nests in human settlements or workplaces and then feed on the food they find available. Their feeding is what makes them a nuisance, as well as their droppings.

Their droppings, in fact can have very devastating effects to building structures as well as human health. On matters of human health, birds are known to carry at least 60 diseases that can be transmitted from one person to the other. These include, but not limited to, Histoplasmosis, candidiasis, St. Louise Encephalitis and even salmonellosis. Some of these diseases are fatal, while others can lead to some serious health complications that may be terminal.

This is why, as much as you may love birds, makes it important to control the spread of these birds that become pests. Thousands, even millions of dollars may be spent each year trying to mitigate the bird droppings, repair damaged property and equipment and even pay for hospital bills. Other damages that the bird pests cause also include falling power lines, flying straight into machinery causing them to jam, and causing harm to themselves in the process, blocking ventilation ducts by building their nests there and even causing fires when they build nests in chimneys. Furthermore, when they are hatching their young ones, they tend to be very aggressive, attacking any person that dares go near them or pass near the nests. This can result in lawsuits against you if the birds nest on your property. if you had one and you want to get it removed, then you can contact advancepest.ca. They provide Bird Control in Vancouver, so your house can be bird free.

A number of methods are thus employed by most bird pest control companies to combat this problem. They are as friendly as possible to the birds. No one wants to have to kill the birds, therefore discouraging them from building their nests, roosting and hatching in human populated areas and workplaces is what is mostly used.

Some of these methods used to deter them away include the use of barriers such as spikes, use of electric shock waves, mechanical spiders, foggers, etc. The spike method is normally used with plastic spikes to avoid impaling the birds. Foggers are use together with mild chemicals that will deter the birds from entering a certain place. The electric methods employed often use mild electric currents that will most likely not kill the birds.

There is also the use of the audible controllers, where a sound is produced to drive the birds away. Another method used that is as old as the scarecrow but new to our age is the visual scare method, Here a number of visual objects are made to scare away the birds, such as the terror eye balloon, the prowler owl and the gator guard. There is also the netting method where a wire mesh is built round a building to completely keep the birds from getting inside the building.

Well, some of these methods work while others don’t. This is largely because of the nature of birds. Once they get wind that the scares are not a threat to their lives, they quickly adapt to them. The method thus becomes ineffective with time. This will then prompt most property owners to look for a different solution all together.

You can however save yourself the agony of having to try one method then moving to another by using the bird pest control services. These services are often rendered by companies that have knowledge of these different methods, as well as which work for the short time and which ones for the long run.

They are also good at handling the different birds that may have invaded your property, and will thus know how best to keep them away. It is important to note that you should go for a company that uses the most humane method of bird pest controls in deterring the bird pests. It is not good to kill the birds, and neither is it good for the ecosystem to have the birds killed. It is also not good to employ methods that may impair the birds for life.

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