House Mouse Control

Mice Control Service

Mice invasion in your residential, commercial or even industrial
buildings can undeniably get out of hand if not well controlled. The
problem can actually become very annoying with this pests running almost
everywhere and destroying anything that they get on their way. That is
why you will certainly need to seek pest control services from seasoned
pest control professionals like us – Advance Pest Control. We are known for not only giving affordable and effective services but also in using the most up-to-date technology.

We offer our services in across the Lower Mainland like Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, White Rock and many more.

So, why and how can mice invade your home or commercial place? Mice can invade your home searching for food, water as well as warmth. Without mouse control measures like ones we offer, one pair of mice may produce over 200 offspring in only four months.

Proofs of Mice Infestation

For home owners and managers, the menace of mice disease transmission is only one of the problems they will have to contend with if the invasion is not controlled. Mice and rats typically burrow through walls and gnaw on electrical wiring prompting expensive repairs.

Elimination Tips

If you see any evidence of mice infestation, the first step is to physically eradicate the nasty rodents from the building. Snap traps, as well as glue boards, are usually the best tactics for indoor mice elimination. It is evident that the tools can effectively help in getting rid of the rodents from an indoor environment without necessarily using chemicals.

Snap traps should be positioned with the trigger end of the trap against the wall along routes that show evidence of a mice infestation. When using glue boards strategically place them at the junction of the wall and the floor and firmly secured with tacks or tape. They are very effective.

It is critical to note that the larger rodents can often escape with unsecured glue boards. Rodent leftovers and droppings also pose a serious health hazard hence one should be sure to use trained mouse management professionals. You can reach us for Mouse Control or Mice Control services in cities like Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Coquitlam, Mission, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, White Rock and many more.

Most facilities use tamper-resistant bait stations laced with rodenticide baits around building exteriors or along the property line. Such bait stations, as explained by professionals, lures the rodents to enter and eat the poisonous bait. The bait stations block non-target organisms like pets from accessing the poisonous bait inside.

The traps, as well as bait stations, should be placed at the suspected entry points of these rodents.

Importance of Proper Hygiene

Once you have dealt with the populations of the rodents in your place, you will need to make sure that they will not make a comeback. That is the next step. A rodent control program mainly tends to focus on the sanitation around your place or the place of infestation. It also targets the factors that tend to make a place kind of attractive to these rodents such as shelter, food, and water. Most property owners and managers reckon that sanitation is paramount in keeping the site free from the nasty rodents. You can seek more on this advice from us in North Vancouver, New Westminster, and Pitt Meadows in case you are within these cities.

Dumpsters, as well as outside trashcans, are also rodent best areas. Smells can also be a powerful attraction hence, dumpsters should be cleaned and often rotated and trashcans should be covered tightly all times.

Sealing Mice Entry

Although mice can take up shelter in a building even during summer, our services will leave no stone unturned even during the fall season. That is when the temperatures begin to fall. These mammals like to be warm and hence temperatures below 15°C usually bring them indoors. You can learn from our experts if you live in Port Moody, Richmond as well as Surrey. We advise people to first trim back all vegetation from the exterior of their buildings. Then, install a gravel strip around the building’s immediate exterior. Since mice do not like to live in the open, the buffer will discourage them from approaching too close to the buildings.

Application of Dry Disincentives

By consulting our experts stationed in cities like Tsawwassen, White Rock and Vancouver; you will learn that these rodents can also enter buildings while in search of water. Mice must drink water to survive and although they can acquire most of it from moisture in their food, they will not eschew water if it is readily available. Therefore, keep in mind that almost any source of moisture around your home will be attracting thirsty rodents.


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