Cat Flea

Cat Flea

If you’ve heard of Advance Pest Control or worked with us before, you’ll certainly agree that we’re among the top pest control experts available in many cities across Canada. We deal with the extermination of various pets types including flee. We fully understand how annoying it can get having these pests in your home, and commercial places. That is basically why you need to call us now and get a quote for our flea control services. You get the quote either for our services in  Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Richmond Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Langley, Ladner, Maple Ridge and White Rock and other cities in Lower Mainland .


If you own any pet, especially a cat or a dog, you should be worried about the fleas getting their way into your home, in particular. Fleas will not only attack your pet, but will also attack and ‘feed’ on you and that is why you will need a helping hand from a professional pest controller in order to literally wipe them out in your home. It is important to mention here that you don’t have to necessarily come t our head offices in Delta in order to get our services, no. You can reach us in the city nearest to you.


The following are flea facts as observed by pest control specialists:

  • There are over 2000 species of fleas but only a few attack dogs and cats.
  • The most common are cat flea and dog flea.
  • Fleas can produce up to 2000 eggs in their lifetime.
  • Fleas live on the body of a warm blooded animal and feed on the blood of their hosts.
  • Fleas can survive all the seasons so it is necessary to have a permanent solution for them so there is no escaping them.
  • Hosts of fleas can transmit the diseases they get from fleas to human beings.


The life cycle of a flea

Egg- Larva- Pupa-Adult: According to pest control experts, the life cycle of a flea is usually 3-4 weeks. These experts say that a flea’s life begins when a flea lays eggs on its host. The host could be a cat or dog because their fur is warm (conducive) for the survival of a flea. The eggs could then slide of the host to the carpet or couch and that is why you really need services from qualified pest control professionals. The eggs take 1-11 days to hatch depending on the temperature and humidity. Relatively high humidity is a necessary precondition for the development of larvae. After they hatch, the larvae move deeper into the fur to shield from the light and find food hence making controlling them at this stage a bit hectic, especially if you want to do it yourself and actually that is one of the many reasons why you need to hire our expertise.

The mature larvae are a sticky silk-like cocoon that can attract things around it that blend with the environment. This stage lasts up to 14days. The cocoon, when stimulated by heat or exhaled Carbon (IV) Oxide, matures into an adult flea.

Habitat and Feeding

Fleas are found all over the world and can withstand all seasons, a fact that can actually render your efforts of controlling them useless if poorly done. That is why we usually emphasize on getting people who are experience in pest control to do this work on your behalf. And, that is why we’ve endeavored to bring our services near you. You can now get us in  Vancouver and Lowe Mainland like Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadow and Port Moody.

Since fleas like being in warm places, they are attracted to the fur of a cat or a dog. They live on the cat or dog throughout their life cycle. They get their supply of blood from your pet all their life. They cannot go for more than 3 days without feeding.They also feed on hair, skin particles and adult flea feces. Two days after feeding on your pet, they begin to produce eggs and can lay up to 2000 eggs in their lifetime. Every meal they take is equivalent to 15times their body weight.


They are small, wingless insects and have a length of 1.5-2.5 mm. They are thin, appear dark brown and are easily visible. Fleas have powerful back legs that help them jump from the carpet or couch to the dog or cat or something else. According to reliable information from experts, larvae are white in color and as small as a grain of rice, are 3-6mm long and have protruding hair at every body segment. They are divided into three segments. Their mouthparts are adapted for piercing and sucking blood.


According to seasoned pest control professionals in North Vancouver, whenever you see your cat or dog scratching their fur especially the ears area, they are mostly hosts to fleas. The fleas can also irritate your skin and leave painful bite-marks.

  • Irritation on the skin and swelling
  • Red or pink bite marks in the middle of the swell
  • Bartonellosis which causes cats to scratch
  • Feline anemia
  • Flea allergies



The first control that you can employ yourself, in case you don’t want to hire specialists is to maintain cleanliness around your house. You can do this by regularly washing and treating your garments and beddings. You also need to know the possible places where the fleas might be hiding. Carpet steaming and a regular inspection of your pets can also be very helpful.

However, Advance Pest Control will always be there to give you prompt and applicable solutions for your pest control problems and help you through the entire process. We also do follow up, just to make sure that the pests don’t come back again. You can reach any of our many entities such as Flea control Cloverdale at any time of the day.

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