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Vancouver residents have the solace of living in a consistently top ranked most liveable city in the world year after year. The city is located in beautiful north shore mountain range in the west coast on Pacific Ocean. The city developed around Burrard inlet with original site marked by infamous steam clock in Gas Town. Vancouver got boost with the arrival of Canadian Pacific Railway in 1886. It flourished as a major seaport on west coast becoming the busiest and largest in Canada and 4th in North America.

City of Vancouver with population over 631,000 is the densest city in Canada and 5th in North America. Vancouver is an attractive tourist’s destination for people around the world. Lumber and fisheries are the main exports in the region. Tourism is the back bone of its economy. The climate is mild in comparison to rest of the Canada, which makes it ideal for living not only for human but also for the pests. No wonder Vancouver is ranked as the “rattiest city” in BC. The ecology has all elements necessary for survival and growth of pests which ultimately necessitates Pest control Vancouver.

Residential Pests

The imports of food from around the world and movement of grains through Vancouver creates ideal environment for rats/mice survival and exponential growth. It is hard to find a house which may not have to deal with rat/mice infestation at any time during their stay in Vancouver. Vancouver city is surrounded by water so the rats have no place to run away or relocate, but generates a lot of garbage every year which provide ample food to boost rats/mice population. 

The rats/mice in Down Town take advantage of the extensive underground sewerage channels to freely move around and avoid scavengers & predators. The biggest challenge for high rise multistory buildings in Vancouver is bedbug infestation. Firstly, the bedbugs hitchhike when people come from overseas and during their travels stay at hotels with high infestation. The bedbugs may get into your baggage or belongings. 

The recycling of old furniture, mattresses is also a major source of spread of the bedbugs. Once established in one apartment these can easily spread to whole building. The density of population and major change of hands for used furniture are the key factors resulting in quick spread of bedbugs.

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Commercial Pest

Vancouver Down Town and city have lot of restaurants, hotels, motels and other food stores which can provide a favourable environment for rats/mice. The old buildings or the multi-units joined together would have many open spaces appearing over time, creating opportunity for rats/mice to enter the buildings and enjoy. Rats chewing bread bags, potato chips or chocolates are very common complaints in Vancouver.

Thought of eating food which has been shared and contaminated by rats/mice can be scary when you think of all the diseases spread by the rodents including historical incidence of plagues. Cockroaches are equally abundant in Vancouver’s commercial entities. Fruit flies come with fruits and vegetables and do not take long to flourish in your kitchen. These pests once established it is a hard task to get rid of completely unless tackled by the professionals. That is when Pest Control Vancouver becomes the best approach.

Industrial Pests

Coastal area and sea with lot of fish and foods around the Vancouver city help bird’s population to grow immensely and are a major reason behind birds’ issue for Industrial units. Similarly, pigeons find plenty of food in downtown and around. People love to feed birds. So, you see bird colonies almost at the corner of every street.

 They are beautiful to have around but not when they spoil the faces of building, the floor/ground fully covered with their shit in nesting area or suddenly you get bird shit coming down on you from sky. Obviously, this is the time to think about Pest control Vancouver. Rats/ Mice are another challenge for many industrial complexes. The bay doors left open for loading/unloading shipment, or gaps appearing under the doors over time, any crack or opening around the wiring or pipes in wall, even gaps in sofits and other structures in roof create the chance for rats/mice to enter the facility. 

These will not only eat any edible available but chew through the boxes and any packaging material. No doubt these will contaminate the food and spread many foodborne illnesses. Small ants and regular ants are frequently noticed around manufacturing and storage area. Well thought out and properly executed pest management programs are needed for Pest control Vancouver to be put in place as a long-term solution.


Strategies for Pest control Vancouver

The effective pest control is evolved through the process starting with the identification of the pests, choosing an appropriate and case specific control programs based on their biology, ecology and history of the affected area, finally applying the most workable control measures by selecting appropriate tools & procedures from chemical, physical, biological and mechanical control options or a combination to maximize the benefit. DIY works as a short time remedy. It works if performed meticulously by considering all elements of pest management described above. With little training and experience often, you do not get the full benefit and the problem can become worse than when you started to manage it. The certified technicians at Advance Pest Control professional holding a successful track record are available to provide consultation and work out an affordable integrated pest management strategy to relieve you of stressful life and give you a peace of mind.


Yes, pest control services are safe for your family and pets. Professionals use eco-friendly and low-toxicity methods to minimize risks.

Yes, we offer eco-friendly pest control solutions. Our methods prioritize the environment and the well-being of your family.

DIY pest control can help with minor issues, but professional pest control is recommended for severe infestations to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Yes, our Pest Control Vancouver technicians are fully certified and licensed, ensuring the highest level of expertise.

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