Pest Control Delta

Pest Control Delta

Delta is home to a population of about 100,000. Taking pride in its history and enduring future. It is home to safe and quiet neighborhoods and the community’s stable prosperity makes it appealing to businesses to choose it as their preferred location. The Delta’s economic foundations were agriculture and fishing. And like every agriculture based land, Delta’s fertile soil provides a welcoming environment to a number of pests such as, mosquitoes and other stinging insects, as well as spiders, ants, silverfish, roaches and mice. These cause havoc in homes if you don’t take timely action.

Pest problem in Delta: With its rich soil and warm weather, the city of Delta becomes vulnerable to pest infestation. Defending your Delta home from plagues such as rats, wood bugs, wasps and others is an important step in protecting your home or building’s integrity and structural protection. There are several other pests that cause irritation in homes. 

Types of pests and the problems they can cause:
Ant Infestation

The most commonly found ants in Delta homes are house ants, pavement ants and carpenter ants. While the former two may contaminate food, if you protect the kitchen, you are good go go. The real threat however, is the third in line, The Carpenter Ants. They can be responsible for the damage of the structural integrity of your property, resulting in heavy repairs which could cost thousands of dollars. How to spot a carpenter ant? They are black and have a single node between the thorax and abdomen and are also bigger is size. Another way is to check for sawdust (frass) since carpenter ants don’t eat wood, they chew and push it out. Lastly, if you’ve waited too long and ignored the previous signs, by now you are probably witnessing sinking ceilings, stuck doors and cracking windows. We recommend calling a professional to carry out a deep clean.

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Bed Bug Infestation

Once bed bugs find way into your home, it’s practically impossible to wipe them out unless severe measures are taken. These are small blood suckers that hide in mattresses, wooden structures and inside wall openings. Two types of bed bugs like to feed on people, Lectularius, Hemipterus, leaving red nasty bite marks. You can also identify them by noticing dark fecal stains on bed sheets, mattresses and furniture. Bed bugs leave a pungent where they nest. If you too have identified these little creatures, it’s time to take action.

Silverfish Infestation
These ant sized nocturnal animals thrive in moisture and dark conditions. They are dinosaur-like, alligator-shaped creatures at the end of their bodies and are characterized by a hue of silvery-tan bristles. Silverfish can lay dozens of eggs at a time that often go unnoticed because they are hidden away in cracks and in the dark. Silverfish are capable of slowly but surely eating away at books, paper, wallpaper, and paintings. Their size can mislead home owners into thinking they won’t cause a problem, but that’s a mistake. We suggest calling Advance pest control services to take proper action.
Roach Infestation

The majority of cockroaches in Delta are German cockroaches. What makes roach infestation so common in homes is the fact they can flatten their bodies and make way through tiny cracks in your establishment. They have a strong appetite hence consume everything from food to trash. Roaches carry over 60 types of bacteria and can be the cause of serious diseases.

They also produce a pungent smell that only gets worse as they breed. To avoid experience these problems its best to give matters into the hands of a professional!

Rodent Infestation

Rodents and Raccoons are another common problem in Delta. As they are omnivores, they can do much more harm than just spreading diseases, they could attack your family pets. In case you have rodents paying nightly visits, make sure you remove any food sources, leftovers and keep your pets indoors at night. Their living space near food outlets is usually found in areas that are not frequented by humans.

If you also hear scratching sounds at night or happen to spot a rodent, chances are there are more behind the scenes as they tend to travel in packs. We can help you say good bye to this problem for ever!

The Solution: Advance Pest Control Services Delta

At Advance pest control, we offer services round the clock. Friendly, trained, and licensed service technicians perform a thorough home and yard inspection to identify potential issues. We know where these pests like to hide so without wasting your valuable time and ours, we get straight to the root of the problem.

Our procedure is customized according to the need of the client. We have a team of experts working day and night to ensure what we promise is delivered. Our excellent feedback speak for our experience in the field. Don’t let pests make you feel like a prisoner in your own home, invest in Advance Pest control Delta services today.

We are at your service 24/7, call our helpline today and let us help you! Our customized plans are always budget friendly so that won’t put a strain on your pocket.

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