Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Spiders are scary creatures but definitely if these are gigantic with ominous features e.g. Wolf Spiders, abundantly found in British Columbia. Wolf spider body size may range from 10-35 mm (0.4 to 1.38 inches). Their distinct feature are eight eyes arranged in three rows. Upper 2 eyes are of medium size, middle 2 are large sized which distinguishes Wolf spiders from nursery web spiders or similar looking grass spiders. The bottom layer consists of 4 small eyes. The name is derived from Latin word meaning wolf.
Wolf Spiders in Canada


Wolf spiders are mainly ground dwelling and do not weave web. Some species make deep tubular burrows in soil whereas for others natural hideouts like under the rocks and other shelters may be good enough. You may find Wolf Spiders wandering around without permanent dwellings, even ending up in our residences. Shrubland, suburban gardens, our homes made structures such as sheds are some of the likely places for Wolf Spiders. Like others, Wolf Spiders are predators and help remove the insect pests. With their excellent eye sight Wolf spider are considered intelligent and skilled hunters. They do not catch pray by spinning web and trapping their target. Instead either these pounce on prey, even follow for a distance or wait near their burrow for any passing insect which comes close to burrows.

Dangers to Human and Pets

Considering Wolf spider bites to human and cats, dogs we are lucky to be on safer side, since the venom is not very poisonous. Spiders found in houses are rarely dangerous enough. Their bite can be compared to honeybee sting; considering the pain, it may cause. However, the venom is strong enough to paralyse the insects.

Wolf Spiders in BC

Wolf Spider Control

If continually provoked, wolf spiders may inject venom which results in swelling, mild pain and itching.  Other than that, there is no reason to get rid of these. If need be to remove Wolf Spiders these can be crushed or poisoned to kill. The best approach is to apply direct contact pesticides. A barrier can be made using chemicals around the parameter that will keep your home safe. Never forget to use the services of a licensed fully trained Wolf Spider exterminator. Be safe andcall professional team of Advance pest control to get riddance of these scary creatures.

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