Hobo Spider

Hobo Spider

Late spring or early summer living in British Columbia or Washington State there is a great chance you will come cross a brown or grey colour spider around 7-14 mm long. Most likely you have seen a Hobo Spider. Hobo spiders are native of Europe, ended up in Seattle in 1980’s and spread to northern Pacific Coast. Hobo spider is a member of genus of spiders also known as aggressive house spiders or funnel web spiders, because they make funnel webs. Their identification can be tricky, it would need detailed anatomical microscopic examination. The Hobo Spiders lay their eggs in September and hatch in late summer. No wonder we see these more at the start of summer when lot of tiny spiders spread suddenly.


Mostly Hobo spiders are found in the field. In the presence of major competitors like giant house spiders these would avoid human habitat. However, when in residences Hobo spiders prefer to live in moist areas inside of your house like basement or window well.

Health challenges

There is hardly any evidence to suggest that Hobo Spiders are aggressive or their venom is dangerous. However, they will bite when threatened or pressed against skin which can happen during sleep when you turn and lay over them. The venom is not strong enough or life threatening but the area around the bite immediately may show redness.

Hobo spider control

Personal safety is the main objective of healthy living. Sanitation is always a prime factor for preventing pest infestation in your homes, barns or other structures. Today’s life style often makes it a daunting task. Making less frequented areas in your houses ideal for Hobo spiders. These mainly feed on insects, so the premises with lot of insects will definitely be an attraction for Hobo spiders. Keeping the house clutter free will give them little solace, since these tend to build web in corner areas or areas full of boxes and bags.

Keep your house hygienically clean, remove webs inside and outside. Pesticide spray inside is another option for quick and longer lasting control. Outside you may spread diatomaceous earth or pesticide dust. Always follow the instructions on the label. The best approach to stay healthy and keep family safe would be to call the experienced licensed Advance Pest Control experts, who will apply the approved and trusted Hobo Spider control strategies.

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