Pavement Ant Control

The pavement ants, which are scientifically known as Tetramorium caespitum, are among the most stubborn ants to control. Their name comes from the fact that their colonies, especially in North America, make their habitats in pavements. They can attack homes throughout the year. The pavement ants are really not known to be destructive to dwellings but, at the same time, there is no denying the reality that they are extremely annoying hence the need to control them.

Pavement ants’ colonies try to conquer new areas, especially in early spring. They do that by attacking the nearby enemy colonies. This results to big sidewalk battles between the ants in which thousands of ants die. The pavement ants not only invade but also colonize what can be described as impenetrable areas way outside their native range thanks to their aggressiveness. During the summer season, these ants dig out the sands between various pavements to vent the nests. At the same time, it is essential to look for and employ nothing short of the most effective methods and means in your control measures. You can opt to consult experienced pest control professionals such as ants control Vancouver; ants control Richmond, ants control Surrey, ants control Langley, ants control Burnaby, ants control Abbotsford, ants control Coquitlam, ants control Delta, ants control Maple Ridge as well as ants control Tsawwassen. Other known experts in the pest control world that you can reach for advice and outstanding services include ants control Richmond and ants control Surrey.

Appearance, behavior and diet

The pavement ants range from light brown to black as far as their color is concerned. Their appendages are normally lighter than other parts of the body. They’re almost 2.5 – 3 mm and have some parallel lines both in the head and thorax. The antennae are divided into 12 segments.

Just like any other ants, pavement ants have the queen, workers and alates. The drone’s only responsibility is to mate with the queen. The queen, on the other hand, is responsible for reproduction and finding suitable nesting locations. Normally, older workers do not only hunt but also defend the colony from any form of attacks. Pavement ants eat almost anything that comes their way including seeds, insects, honeydew, bread, honey, cheese, ice cream and nuts.

Why do ants invade homes?

Well, that is quite a hard question. However, the main reason as to why ants usually intrude into homes is in search of food. They can get access to houses given the fact that they are very small and can pass through small openings or cracks and crevices in windows and doors.

Pavement ants mostly invade homes in winter when their food and water storages are exhausted.

Once the workers find new food sources, they go back to their nests leaving behind a trail of smelling scents which will help fellow workers in finding the source of food in question and help in food gathering.

Once the pavement ants get access to your house, they will nest under flooring, near heat sources, within walls, inside the insulation and in masonry. On the other hand, it is also important to remember that only allergic people can react to the venom released by pavement ants once they bite if disturbed that is, because they only sting.

How to treat and control pavement ants

It is advisable not to spray the bugs that you will see if you really want to completely solve this problem. That is for the fact that the ones that you see are only workers and in the event that you kill them, new workers will be sent again. As such, you must ensure that you’ve killed the queen in order to cut the reproduction chain and consequently eliminate the whole colony. Therefore, pesticides are not the best way to go when treating the infestation of pavement ants in your home.

Alternatively, there are other several means that you can employ to kill all pavement ants in your home. They include boiling water and then pouring it directly to the mounds and baiting whereby you will need to remove other foods and put your own ant traps and place them where the ants usually frequent. There are known products that you can use as baits such as a mixture of sugar and borax mixed in the ratio of 50:50, corn meal and raw cream of wheat. Baiting is the most effective means since you’re pretty sure that the bait will be brought to the queen.

Also, inspect your home regularly for any cracks that can allow in these annoying ants. Seal them, if any, with glue, caulk, plaster or putty. Additionally, it is good to practice good sanitation regularly cleaning your home and taking out any trash.

Wiping out all pavement ants in homes is an entirely feasible goal but you will need to be a bit patient in order to achieve the results. Don’t let these pests bug you, reach professional ants control experts like ants control Vancouver; ants control Richmond, ants control Surrey, ants control Langley, ants control Burnaby, ants control Abbotsford, ants control Coquitlam, ants control Delta, ants control Maple Ridge as well as ants control Tsawwassen.

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