Norway Rat

Norway Rat

Many studies have indicated that the Norway rats, scientifically known as rattus norvegicus, do not only live for quite a long time but are also among the highly successful species in the rodents’ family. This type of rat is basically found almost all over the world. They prefer living where people live, something which should actually be a cause of worry as they are known to carry or cause diseases. That is one of the many reasons why you ought to have them eliminated whether in your home or place of work. However, killing these rodents is not a walk in the park hence the need to reach out to professional pest control experts like we, at Advance Pest Control, to handle that for you.

Our professional pest control services are available in all major cities across Greater Vancouver area such as Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Tsawwassen, Cloverdale, Delta, and Ladner to name a few.

We’re fully alive to the fact that these rats can be a real bother to our clients and, as such, we have brought on board well trained professionals who will go to any lengths in making sure that your home is clean of any of these rodents.

That said and done, it is also critical to mention that we really care about your environment and that is why we use environmentally friendly products in our pest control services in whichever city we serve including Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Tsawwassen, Cloverdale, Delta, and Ladner to name a few.

The Norway rats are also referred to as street rat, common rat, Norwegian rat, Hanover rat and sewer rat.

The Norway rat can cause the following damages

The Norway rats or sewer rats as they are commonly known around the world are the kind of rodents that should worry you given the fact that they carry a lot of pathogens such as the typhus, bubonic plague, toxoplasmosis, Weil’s disease as well as the trichinosis.

The wastes of these rats can also get a lot of things in your home such as food and water contaminated.  That is mainly because they come to the house to look for either food or water. But they can cause a much bigger problem than that. Rats can literally chew electrical cables; a fact that can lead to huge losses in case of short circuits. And, that is why a place that has been infested by these rodents is not safe at all.

In terms of habitat, the Norway rats mostly prefer living in damp areas. But as stated earlier, they can survive in many parts of the world including in our cities like Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey, and White Rock.

Life cycle and reproduction

The Norway rat has the ability to breed throughout the year especially if the conditions are conducive for the same. A female rat of this breed can produce at least five litters in a year with a gestation period of merely 21 days. The litters can be up to 14, according to various researchers. They mature sexually in about five weeks only. This serves to tell you that these rodents can multiply rapidly if not controlled hence posing, even more, danger at your home or commercial residence. But we, at Advance Pest Control, have your back when eliminating these dangerous rodents. You can easily access our highly effective pest control services in places like North Vancouver, Port Moody, and Burnaby or New Westminster. We also serve Surrey, Maple Ridge and Vancouver.

Control measures and important tips to control Norway rats

There are some things that you can do wherever you are that can help keep the Norway rats at bay. They include the following;

  • Make sure there are no spilt seeds around your bird feeders. You can
    as well make sure that the feeders are not stationed at places where
    the rats will easily see them
  • Cut any trees that are or might be hanging over your building
  • Seal off any holes that serve as entrances to your building. In most
    cases, these rats make their entry holes around doors, roofs and
  • Make sure that the containers that you use in storing your food, water as well as garbage are tightly sealed.
  • They have a slanted snout with small eyes and ears
  • They are dark or brown in colour
  • A Norway rat weighs around 400-500 grams
  • They mostly measure around 40-50 cm in length. That is from head to tail
  • They usually have a dark and scaly longer tail that is longer than the body itself
How to easily identify a Norway rat

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