Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants are undoubtedly one of the most common ants that you’ll mostly find in forested areas. They are large measuring about 0.76 cm – 2.54 cm. In most cases, Carpenter ants build their nests in wood which has galleries chewed out with their mandibles. However, they usually don’t eat the wood, unlike what termites do.

At times, Carpenter ants can hollow out some sections of threes. Probably, one of the worst things about the Carpenter ants is the fact that they also infest wooden structures and buildings. As such, they can really be a nuisance and real cause of structural damages if not controlled.

The black Carpenter ants is one of the most familiar species of Carpenter ants that are known to infest human habitation in various parts of Canada hence the need and importance of carrying out effective ants control measures. It is important to keep in mind that ants control Vancouver; ants control Richmond, ants control Surrey, ants control Langley, ants control Burnaby, ants control Abbotsford, ants control Coquitlam, ants control Delta, ants control Maple Ridge as well as ants control Tsawwassen can all come in handy should you notice any infestation of Carpenter ants in your structures or home. The Carpenter ants genus usually includes more than 1,000 species.


The various Carpenter ants can survive both indoors and outdoors. But the habitat must be moist, in most cases, decaying or hollow wood. They make their passages or ways by cutting what can be referred to as galleries so that they can move from one section to the other of the nest. Mostly, Carpenter ants find their home in houses under and around windows, decks and porches and roof eaves since all these parts are highly vulnerable to moisture.

Carpenter ants are also known to build extensive or big underground tunneling systems which they use to get to and from their main source of food. Aphid colonies are the main source of Carpenter ants ‘food. These ants do not only extract but also feed on the honeydew found in the aphid colonies. Typically, the colonies have a “parent” colony which is supplemented and surrounded by other smaller satellite colonies.


Carpenter ants build nests which houses the eggs in high humidity areas thanks to the sensitivity of the eggs. Such nests are referred to as primary nests. Once the primary nests are done and starts to mature, Carpenter ants then build satellite nests which is home to old larvae and pupae as well as some winged individuals. On the other hand, the primary nest is home to the eggs, workers, newly hatched larvae and the queen.

Carpenter ants build satellite nests in diverse locations that are relatively dry because the eggs there are really not environmentally sensitive.


Most pest control professionals say that Carpenter ants are among the most difficult to control. However, that is not to say that they cannot be eliminated, no. You can actually get rid of Carpenter ants thanks to services from specialists like ants control Vancouver; ants control Richmond, ants control Surrey, ants control Langley, ants control Burnaby, ants control Abbotsford, ants control Coquitlam, ants control Delta, ants control Maple Ridge and ants control Vancouver. These professionals have all the required training and experience that is needed in the world of pest control so as to rid your home of the troublesome Carpenter ants.

At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of time that will be used to get your home completely rid of the Carpenter ants may vary from one home to the other depending on the extension of the infestation and damage. The worst thing that any homeowner can do is allowing these insects to infest first, try to control them and only call in pest control professionals when the situation gets out of hand. It is usually advisable to call in professionals immediately you notice any infestation or damages caused by the Carpenter ants.

Controlling Carpenter ants will include finding the satellite nests in the home, relocating the queens and “mother” nests, completely getting rid of any conditions that may have led to the home attracting the ants and, lastly but not least, using the most suitable pest control products or method to treat the satellite nests.

Carpenter ants prevention

It is essential to prevent the infestation of Carpenter ants even before they literally invade your home. It is a measure that you cannot afford to forgo in the event that you live in areas known to be prone to these ants’ infestation.

Here, you will need to keep the moisture in your home under check, correct the leakage problems in your home, and get rid of tree limbs or branches that may serve as bridges to your home or structures, seal any openings or cracks around the foundations of your home and lastly keep your firewood away from your home. It is that simple.

Residential Pest Control

Protecting your residential from pests

After years of experience and expertise, we have formulated state-of-art ants control solutions using spray, baiting and powders to cater to the customized needs of our clients. Fool-proof treatment – We inspect and reach all possible areas in your area.

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