Asian Giant Hornet “Murder Hornet”?

Gigantic hornet species (Vespa mandarinia), up to 2 inches long and queen reaching 3-inch size, can scare anyone with its size, vast venom store and ability to sting multiple times. Mostly found in the eastern Asian countries, giving it the name of “Asian Giant Hornet”, has recently been sighted  in Metro Vancouver BC and across the border in Washington State USA, creating a shiver in farmers and bee keepers. It starts breeding in April and is most active in late summer and early autumn. It viciously attacks honeybees, using its large mendable it can decapitate the honeybees and feed the thorax to its larvae. This worrisome predator has the ability to destroy whole honey bee hives. Honeybees are excellent pollinators, vital for agricultural crop production and economy. Around 90 % of crop production in North America is the result of honeybee pollinations, billion of which are provided by the honeybee keepers to farmers. Decline in number of pollinators would result in reduced crop production. No doubt any imbalance in the ecology is of grave concern to farmers of Metro Vancouver with its devastating economic consequences. The idea is to “nip the evil in the bud”, do not let these ‘Murder Hornets’ entrench and ruin economy.

Asian giant hornet does not live or build nest on trees; whereas, these build nest in burrows. If you ever come across one at your residence or farm, don’t be a Super Hero and try to tackle, rather leave it alone. These hornets seldom attack human, pets or animals. However, if they feel threatened, they wont spare. Due to the body shape and the amount of venom they carry, can sting up-to 7 times in one go. There are suggestions that Asian Giant Hornets have longer stinger with the ability to pierce through the honeybee keeper’s standard protective gear. The multiple sting containing neurotoxin can cause death in human whether allergic or not allergic. Every year dozens of deaths have been reported from Japan and China but not any so far from North America.

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The control of Asian Giant Hornets in Metro Vancouver starts with vigilance and monitoring their presence. Early locating and destroying nest are the key to successful eradication. Major concern about the presence of Asian Gian Hornet is the potential to harm honeybees, loss to economy and may be to lesser extent its ability to kill humans. The task of getting rid of these “Murder Hornets” before proliferation to unmanageable proportions, is a skilled and experienced person’s job. Advance Pest control has fully knowledgeable, trained professionals equipped to solve your almost every pest problem.



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