Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are known for their painful and venomous sting. The name encapsulates many ant species in the Solenopsis genus. Because of their light brown to red coloration usually called “red ants,” ants belonging to Solenopsis sting with alkaloid venom called Solenopsin. The Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA), a highly aggressive ant native to South America, has become known in North America, Australia and parts of Asia.

This insect, which is mostly congregated in large colonies, is small but highly aggressive and considered one of the most hostile of all ant species. They will launch a coordinated attack on their target, under threat of assault. Colonies may have single or several queens, and can reproduce very rapidly. Their diet is typically organic but they can often enter the home searching for sweet items or other foods high in proteins.

Things you should know about Fire Ants

Red Fire Ants are also known to attack intruding animals on their nests. They can also cause damage to trees, houses, air conditioning systems and telephone wires as well as attacking people and animals. The explanation is not clear, but in locations such as electrical junction boxes, fire ants seem to be drawn to electrical currents and they cause harm by nesting. There are two types of Red Imported Fire Ants; single queen and multiple queen sort.

The imported Red Fire Ant often nests under bathtubs (when on a slab) or next to hot water heaters inside buildings during the winter months. Typically, the Southern Fire Ant nests in loose soil, but they can also be found in woodwork or in masonry. When environmental conditions are very dry or excessively high temperatures they are known to hide inside in utility boxes or void spaces. Their outer nests can be seen in the ground as large crevices that stretch out from 2-4 feet. Southern Fire Ant nests can also be found under buildings, under boards or stones or in concrete cracks.

Hazards of fire ant infestation

Because of their sting fire ants are a social threat. Fire ant encounters usually involve dozens of ants moving fast and undetected. At the time they sting, the body can have tens or hundreds of bees, and at once they lead for all stinging. Stings from the fire ants can cause a sensation of painful, burning, and itching that can last for an hour. Multiple stings give the sensation that the body is on fire.

The effect of the fire ants is not limited to humans. Animals and domestic animals can also get stung and injured, and may have allergic reactions or be blinded by venom exposure.

Mounds created by fire ant nests can be a serious problem in lawns, sports fields and golf courses which could have an economic impact. The ants’ activities and nesting materials can cause expensive damage to sensitive electrical equipment. They can also affect the tourism industry and the export trade of ‘high-risk’ materials with fire ant-free countries.

What should you do?

When you first discover ant mounds in your yard, figuring out how to get rid of red fire ants or of any other kind of fire ants might feel overwhelming. RIFA and BIFA are more active to early fall months in late spring. Experts say that the best times of the year are those seasons for fire ant treatments. And, if they are troublesome, individual mounds can be handled during the year. The list of what kills fire ants is a long one but there is no “easy way to kill fire ants” outside of calling a professional.

It is important to remember that many of the items available to homeowners are different, and may not be as successful as those available to licensed professionals in pest control. Additionally, while you may be able to treat in your yard for fire ants, it is more difficult to handle indoor fire ants and involves the use of specific products altogether. Improper pesticide use can be dangerous. Kids and pets should always be kept away from such things.

Hiring a pest control service is the best choice

Unlike DIY attempts, for most mild and serious cases of fire ant infestations, skilled fire ant control services are more reliable, longer lasting systems. They outlast attempts at DIY, and prove more successful in killing fire ants. Professional fire ant controls like Advacne Pest Control will help you create a healthy, enjoyable home and yard experience by protecting your house, removing unwanted pests and enhancing your quality of life.

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