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Moving east of Vancouver as you cross Fraser River you come into flat, once farmland area of Surrey, named by the settlers as a reminiscent of County of Surrey in England. Surrey during 1980’s and 1990’s sprung into the 2nd largest city in Metro Vancouver. The Surrey area was selected for its Farms, Fish, Oysters harvesting. Forests of Fir trees, Douglas firs, red cedar, blackberry bushes and cranberry bogs were distinguishing this area form the Vancouver port city. Surrey saw exponential growth since the completion of Pattulo Bridge and later the Alex Fraser Bridge. Its population is anticipated to surpass Vancouver before 2030. Currently it spans over 6 neighbourhoods, Cloverdale, South Surrey, Fleetwood, Newton, Guildford and City Centre/Whalley. With increased population the pest problem also gets heightened up. Pest control Surrey in essence would be the answer to pest problems.

Residential Pests

Surrey is mostly single-family houses, town houses or condos. In recent years high rise buildings have sprung up in City Centre area. The residents are to combat mice/rat’s infestation. Many times, you hear “My house is newly built, why do I have mice” or “I have lived here for decades then why suddenly mice have shown up inside”. They forget the builder may have left open spaces while finishing the job in urgency, similarly over the years some cracks or spaces may have appeared in rotting wooden structures in old homes, or demolishing an uninhabited home suddenly with the clearing an area for new construction, the rats/mice living there will spread to neighbourhood to find another space for survival and living. The carpenter ants and termites while doing their natural job of recycling wood may in fact cause structural damage worth thousands of dollars, enough to upset your budget. Bedbugs are one of the proliferating pest problems in recent years. Suddenly you wake up with itchy rashes on your body. Many a time partners sharing the same bed may not be affected equally. One may be more allergic to bedbug bites than the other, so the reaction to bites may vary from severe to almost none. Pest control Surrey will be able to determine the identity of pests, its level of infestation and suggest appropriate control measures necessary for eradication.

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Commercial Pests

The registry at health protection department has many restaurants or food store department in their closure list because of unmanaged & heavy pest infestations. Cockroaches are easy to infest and proliferate. These can come along with produce or supplies if transported on an infested and uncleaned vehicle. The German cockroaches are very small and can easily hide in small cracks and spaces. The left-over food, uncleaned dishes and utensil has plenty to feed and grow. With each pouch carrying 30-40 nymphs they can expand exponentially. Within short period they can be hundreds of thousands contaminating the food ingredients. 

The rats/ mice will be happy to feed on spills around the garbage bins and avail the opportunity to enter the building through tiniest of openings. Once these notice any space, they can chew to make it big enough for entering the building. Chewed plastic under the bay doors is the sign for Once in the walls these will travel everywhere using the spaces around the wirings and pipes. Many a times these have chewed plastic water pipes and resultantly caused damage to buildings. Flies and particularly fruit flies are also vectors of many diseases. Any of these pests in essence will require immediate attention and an early action through Pest Control Surrey.

Industrial Pest

Rats/mice while infest our residential or commercial buildings are an equal or even more severe problem for Industrial units. It is essential for business managers to be proactive in preventing the rodents to establish rather than to have daunting task to control once established. Rats/mice will find plenty of hiding places or even create ones by shredding stored papers, boxes to generate material for nesting. Mostly these avoid direct contact with workers and are more active during nights. That is the time for partying freely. Flies find it convenient to enter through open doors or cracks around the doors/windows. Generally, windows and small doors can be made fly proof by installing screen panels. However, it is hard to completely seal the big bay doors. The doors used for loading / unloading shipments and supplies also pose the chance of birds entering the manufacturing and storage facilities. Not to worry when Pest Control Surrey is there to help and take care of your pest challenges.


Best practices for Pest Control Surrey

Best approach to control of pests in Surrey is inspect, control, prevent. Inspection  identifies the nature and extent of infestation including the causes and the ways pests ended up in your home or facility. This is followed by case specific control measures, spray and/or baiting for ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mites, spiders; using mechanical traps/baiting for rats/mice; live traps for squirrels and raccoons; exclusion and deterrents for birds, pigeons, woodpeckers; setting up barriers for birds or animals. The choice will be to use any technique individually or in combination with others as a collective measure. The pest management is never successful without a follow up vigilance. Any lapses or sign of re-infestations need to be addressed right away for the success of a complete and meaningful Pest control Surrey programme. All this is achievable through comprehensive knowledge of the biology, ecology and management options. DIY approach is a short-term effort to fight the fire. For accomplishing a total pest control in Surrey, hire government licensed, fully trained professional experts from Advance Pest Control.

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