Rodent pests during COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted the ecology and sociology globally during this unprecedented time and for the years to come. Human movement and activity are limited during pandemic creating space for other species to thrive. A major factor for proliferation of a repressive species is the release of the pressure of dominating species. COVID-19 has forced the human to stay inside with less movement about. This has two-pronged influence upon pests, particularly if we think about rodent pests. The availability of food and less dangerous life.
Rats and mice live close to human settlements because of food availability, either stored food or left overs and garbage. With limited human activity, left over and garbage generation has been reduced and the rats/mice have to look for other sources. Their main targets would be the stored foods. Ironically, the warehouses, storage area with limited or totally stopped food production are experiencing less human activity and ideal for rats/mice to flourish. Considering the residential and commercial facilities, as Advance Pest Control company, we have noticed fewer interior inspections and treatments. This is directly the result of social distancing, as many customers do not feel comfortable or want pest control professionals to come inside. So, the tendency is to bear with the rodent pests, at least for the time being. Depending upon the time period humans have to deal with COVID-19, it may even elevate the tolerance level for pests. Obviously, the result may be grave consequences like the chances of spread of other diseases carried by the rodents. The other impact can be the migration and movement of rats/mice to suburban areas as the restaurants in big cities are closed and less garbage generated. The redistribution of rats/mice will be influenced by local conditions. The built up or decline of rats/mice population may vary from city to city based upon 2 factors, the ease of availability of food and un-restricted movement around. Rats/mice avoid human interaction and nest in dark places, mostly come out during night. When there are fewer employees there would be less human activity which goes in favour of the rats/mice and resultantly it is plausible to see flared up rodent populations. More rats and mice visibility during COVID-19 pandemic will prompt home owners to rely on DIY control methods, be it due to social distancing mind set or economic considerations during financially difficult times. DIY approach works excellent if you have good knowledge of the biology and behaviour of the rats/mice. Like any living organisms’ rats and mice also have the ability to dodge and survive the ill prepared DIY control measures. This is the time when the training and experience of pest control experts shows its value in eradicating this menace. Advance Pest Control technicians are fully knowledgeable, equipped and prepared to solve your problem, even when the problem may seem to be on the rise and posing un-surmountable challenge.

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