Pest Control in Restaurants

Pests are an issue, but when it comes to restaurants, it’s a much bigger issue. It’s a threat to the hygiene and integrity of the restaurant or the café. I mean who would want to eat at a restaurant when cockroaches suddenly appear below your table? It’s a matter of concern, and due to negligence from restaurant owners, it has led to many places shutting down causing a loss to the business.

We make sure that your restaurant is safe from any sort of pests and that there is no disturbance in running your business. We at our company make use of pesticides that are used to better preserve food and sanitation. In addition to this, it increases the safety of the people who work at the place as well as those who come to eat there.

Why are pests such a big problem for restaurants?

Pest control in restaurants is important because restaurants are places where many come to eat and enjoy themselves with their family and friends. Nowadays news spreads like fire. If you have pests at your café or restaurant and a single customer complains about it, then the news will spread like fire amongst the community. The result will be that no one will visit the restaurant, and you will be forced to close down. As a result, it will cause a loss of revenue. Moreover, it may also result in your talented staff leaving your restaurants.

Things do not stop there! There are cleanliness laws in almost every Province, and hence you might also be forced to pay fines and charges. Although all of these things are worrisome, the actual issue is the reputation of the restaurant. If your restaurant is branded as the one that has pests in it,  then no one will want to visit it even if you have eradicated all pests from it. So what is the best solution? The best solution and the only way to avoid all of the above is to hire us for pest control in restaurants.

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Why is pest control in restaurants important?

Common pests in restaurants or cafés such as mice, cockroaches, and birds pose a significant health threat and can contaminate the food, spoil the product, and also cause structural damage. All of these pests are also known as carriers of disease as they can quickly transfer the disease to other things such as food. In simple words, they can bring different food safety hazards along with them.

Due to this reason, we recommend you have a pest management plan provided by us for pest control in restaurants. Pests like to live in areas that have unfavorable conditions and that is why the kitchen in your restaurant is the best place for them. In addition to the previous, some pests can also withstand any deterring agents. Some restaurant owners try to just tidy the place and think that their pest problem will be resolved, but that is not the case. They might disappear for a short time, but they are bound to come back once the conditions become unfavorable again. Hence, the best way for effective pest control in restaurants is us!

What is the reason behind pest infestation in restaurants?

Ironically, pests are fond of the same food that customers eat and your restaurant. With a kitchen having an abundance of water and food, it’s the best place for pests to reside. Kitchens at restaurants are different than your home kitchen. There are frequent spills, and unmanaged trash with food and still water. These are the things that attract pests to your kitchen.

In addition to the above, restaurants have many storage areas and cupboards. Pests tend to live in areas that are dark and damp, and that is why you will frequently find them near storage areas. Furthermore, the personal hygiene of workers in restaurants can also bring in pests. That’s why all staff members should take special care of their hygiene.

Unmaintained equipment and furniture are also the leading cause of pests in your restaurants. There might be some equipment in the kitchen that might not be frequently used, so it’s not cleaned. That is completely wrong and it should be scheduled for cleaning frequently. There are some machines where tiny particles of food get stuck and they also attract pests. So, regular cleaning should be done for all such machines.

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