Cockroaches Pest Control in Vancouver


When the temperature dips, cockroaches start to infest your home in search of shelter from the extreme cold outside. These cockroaches can be found in homes, restaurants, and food warehouses in abundance. Cockroaches are resilient creatures, making them difficult to eliminate without help and professional guidance from pest control and management companies. Specially formulated chemicals are used by pest companies that not only eradicate cockroaches but also ensure they stay away for a very long time.
Let’s now look into the ways we can prevent cockroaches from entering your home and eliminate them, but before that, you need to carry out a detailed inspection with the help of a pest company. One reason cockroaches can be found in homes, restaurants, and food warehouses is due to the excessive moisture. Once you solve the moisture issue, you can drastically reduce the cockroach infiltration. The food in your home should be kept in air-tight containers, and any food remaining should be cleaned and wiped off. Conclusively, it’s best to shift to Integrated Pest Management services to ensure that cockroaches found in homes, restaurants, and warehouses cannot reappear again and are eliminated. However, at the user’s end, keeping the home clean afterward will also ensure that cockroaches don’t appear.

Pest Control in Restaurants

Pests are an issue, but when it comes to restaurants, it’s a much bigger issue. It’s a threat to the hygiene and integrity of the restaurant or the café. I mean who would want to eat at a restaurant when cockroaches suddenly appear below your table? It’s a matter of concern, and due to negligence from restaurant owners, it has led to many places shutting down causing a loss to the business.

We make sure that your restaurant is safe from any sort of pests and that there is no disturbance in running your business. We at our company make use of pesticides that are used to better preserve food and sanitation. In addition to this, it increases the safety of the people who work at the place as well as those who come to eat there.


In summer, when the temperature increases, it forces ants to
move to a cooler place so they can survive hence, they enter your home. These
tiny invaders are notorious for making your summers not so enjoyable as they
roam around in search of food, water, and a cool respite. But fear not, because
we have the solution to making your humble abode completely ant free and your
summers more bearable. Brace yourself as we look into the reasons behind ant
infestation and why Advance Pest Control is the ultimate solution to tackle
these pests.

Pest Extermination in Langley

WHY IS PEST CONTROL NEEDED IN LANGLEY? Nearly everywhere in the globe, pest management is crucial since it can shield you from unfavorable health risks and other terrible situations in which bugs might have an impact.

Bed Bugs problem in Vancouver

Bed Bugs problem in Vancouver

Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that feed on animal or human blood. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies around an apple seed to the scale. Nevertheless, their bodies swell after feeding, and are a reddish hue. Bedbugs don’t float, but they can crawl over floors, walls and ceilings easily. Female bedbugs can lay hundreds of eggs over the course of a lifetime, each about the size of a speck of dust.

What to consider when selecting a pest exterminator in Vancouver?

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