Dealing with Summer Ant Infestation in Vancouver

In summer, when the temperature increases, it forces ants to move to a cooler place so they can survive hence, they enter your home. These tiny invaders are notorious for making your summers not so enjoyable as they roam around in search of food, water, and a cool respite. But fear not, because we have the solution to making your humble abode completely ant free and your summers more bearable. Brace yourself as we look into the reasons behind ant infestation and why Advance Pest Control is the ultimate solution to tackle these pests.

What is the reason behind Ant Infestation in summer?

Ants come after mostly sugary substances in your home. You must have noticed that if you drop some sugar grains, after a while a swarm of ants can be seen consuming it. Outdoor dining activities increase in summer and hence it becomes their favorite place to go find food. Moreover, ants also go after areas that have sufficient water because they too need it in such warm weather. For this reason, ants can be found near areas that have abundant water such as leaky pipes or water in the bathroom. Moreover, there are some special ants called “Carpenter Ants”. They have nuptial flights during summer. The male and female species mate and form new colonies, which leads to a massive surge in the ant population.

How to Control and Prevent Ant Infestation?

The first rule to avoid pest infestation is to keep the area clean. If your place is clean and tidy with no food particles laying around, the ants won’t come. Wipe the surfaces and clean up spills. Moreover, you should also look into some leakages. If you fix all the leakages, there won’t be any water on the floors, and ants won’t come there. Keep the food in air-tight containers so that ants cannot enter it. Moreover, you should also keep the bushes and shrubs away from your home as ants use them as bridges to enter your home.

Why choose Advance Pest Control?

When it comes to controlling any type of pest in your residence, Advance Pest Control is your trusted partner. Advance Pest Control has a qualified and certified team having ample experience with pest control. Our team fully understands the behavior and habits of multiple ant species, so we know exactly what solution is needed to fix the problem. However, that is not all! Our team is equipped with the latest technology and top-quality products because we believe in doing the job on the first try and doing it with utmost perfection so customers don’t have a chance to complain about anything.


Ant infestation at your home in the summer can be an issue, but if you have Advance Pest Control in mind, you don’t need to worry about anything because we have got you covered! Our Professional assistance will help in eliminating the pests from your home. 

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