No.1 Pest Control in Vancouver

Are you fed up with pest infiltration in your home or business facility? Pest control methods used today by most pest control companies have been outdated and that is why they keep on coming back! The same is the case in Vancouver. But you don’t have to worry, because we are here to back you up and solve your problem for good. What you need is the No.1 Pest Control in Vancouver, us.

Why do residents in Vancouver suffer from pests?

The weather is one of the main factors that attracts pests to your home making pest control in Vancouver necessary. Mostly, the weather in Vancouver is wet and cold and that is why it tends to attract pests such as rodents, insects, and even fungi. In such weather conditions, pests tend to look for a shelter to keep themselves warm, so they infiltrate your homes. However, Vancouver also experiences a moderate climate that leads to pests like rodents and insects.

In addition to the above, Vancouver is home to lush greenery and vegetation due to the frequent rainfall and moist climate. Insects and rodents tend to prefer areas where the greenery is high, so it can result in increased pest activity in the residential as well as the commercial areas, leading to a big need for pest control in Vancouver.

Why are we the No.1 Pest Control in Vancouver?

It takes a lot to secure the top spot, and it holds years of hard work behind it. The following are some points that have set us apart from the rest and taken us to the number one spot in the pest control industry.

Top Notch Residential Pest Control:

With our expert team, we have successfully made hundreds of homes in Vancouver completely pest-free. We know that a home is a special place for all and that’s why we know how to treat it with respect. We make sure that the residents of the home are safe from all kinds of pests and chemicals that are used to treat pests. There are some pest control in Vancouver that ignore the fact that excessive use of chemicals can cause damage to the house as well as the people living in it. Due to this reason, we make sure that the chemicals used are not harmful to humans as well as the household.

Commercial Pest Control:

Apart from our pest control services in the residential sector, we are also renowned for our expert services in the commercial sector too. However, things are different in the commercial sector. In some commercial areas, such as restaurants or cafés, pests are a big problem. It is because it raises questions on the hygiene of the specific restaurant or café. We understand this and that is why we ensure that often the whole pest control process is done after hours to avoid exposure of workers and customers.

This is also important as a workplace people can’t just close down for a prolonged time to get rid of pests. It’s equal to losing business. We understand all of this and that is why we offer extremely swift pest eradication so that your day-to-day operations are not disturbed.

We use environmentally friendly chemicals:

In addition to the previous, we also have to ensure that no damage is done to the environment. In the current era, everyone has to play their role to keep the environment safe because it has already been damaged. Too much damage to the environment affects the ozone layer and hence global warming. Some formulas that are used to make your home pest-free have harsh chemicals inside and they can be disastrous to the environment. Due to this reason, our ultimate focus is to use chemicals that do not pose any threat to the environment. 

Certified and Experienced Staff:

Since customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, we don’t compromise on hiring the best staff for our customers. Our staff are experienced professionals and they are also completely certified, so they know what they are doing. Additionally, we conduct monthly sessions to educate and guide our staff on using the latest techniques to get things done efficiently and on time.


Conclusively, our company is entitled as the best pest control in Vancouver out there and we guarantee to make your home or workplace free from all sorts of pests once and for all. That means there won’t be double sessions. We will do the work for you once, but with hard work, you don’t have to take the pain of dealing with pests the rest of the time you stay or work at that place.

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