Why pest control In Vancouver Matters?

Vancouver is one of the warmest cities in Canada where every one would love the nature over there. But the climatic conditions would offer room for some pests to spread their families. As pests would spoil our residential properties and it would effect the health of human beings we need to be careful. Some pests would have bad effect on the health of humans. Here are the details about the common pests found in large facilities.

Bed Bugs:

The team of  pest control in Vancouver has been facing biggest problem with bed bug infestation. They found that the infestation of these smaller insects were visible in almost all the projects they handled. Even though, these tiny insects are not considered as vectors of diseases but their bites can leave red and itchy welts. Their presence would cause sleeplessness and anxiety in the inmates of the house. As the eggs of these tiny organisms can easily get attached to shoes, bags and other items they can be easily transported to office, school and any other place where people gather and live.


Reports state that cockroaches can increase the severity of asthma in patients and it is also found that 1 in every 5 kids have severe sensitivities to these insects. The reason is that these insects produce allergens through their droppings, their decomposing bodies can also create problems. In addition, they are also known to produce a number of bacteria, parasitic worms and even other types of human pathogens.

These living organisms generally carry bacteria like salmonella and E. Coli, which can affect the sterile environment in a hospital and can also contaminate cooking equipment and food in homes.  So these need to be eliminated with immediate effect. Pest control in Vancouver, team would be of help in removing them from your house or office.


Rodents are capable of entering buildings via almost any crack or opening. Once they enter the buildings they begin to cause severe damage by chewing through plaster, wood, card boards and wall boards. Even they can chew the electrical wires thereby exposing the inmates to the risk of electrical shocks.

When the help of pest control professionals was taken they will work with the custodial staff and will educate the inmates of the house in identifying subtle signs of pest infestation and also on the visible signs like droppings particularly under baseboards and cafeteria. In general, the droppings of rodents are known to cause allergic reactions in people and they can lead to diseases as well.


Flies are known for their ability to carry more than 100 different types of disease-causing germs. They can contaminate the surfaces and foods by spreading organisms that they collect on their bodies through saliva. They also defecate constantly.


These are social insects and when we spot a single ant that means we need to aware that there are many living behind. Even though, they are tiny creatures they can contaminate the foods and so careful steps should be taken in prevention and treatment of these living organisms.

Experts suggest that frequent removal of trash and keeping the food areas clean and free from any sort of food remains will go a long way in keeping these pests at bay.

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