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West Vancouver is located in the north west of Vancouver and north of English Bay and south of Howe Sound. Most of the residences are in foothill of Cyprus Mountain range of the north shore. It is a beautiful green city developed on slopes. West Vancouver is mainly a residential district. Many retired, work from home and short commute to Vancouver Down Town people love to live here. More than 22% population living in West Vancouver is over 65 years of age as compared to 13 % across BC. A large population is involved in seniors’ management in comparison to rest of the BC. West Vancouver has no manufacturing industry by law. Marine drive is the main commercial area with shops, restaurants, offices, banks, and other common amenities. Park Royal Shopping Mall has the distinction of being the first mall in Canada opened in 1950. Most of the residents here have to cope with the pests and wildlife.

Residential Pests

The forest and greenery of West Vancouver is one of the distinctive features attracting people to come and live here, but this organic material need to be recycled by nature. Ants, Carpenter ants and termites just do that and help natural recycling process. In doing so these do not distinguish between the good structural material or the rotting fallen trees. In residences many a times the damage is noticed when it has already reached an unrepairable stage. The structures may need to be demolished or rebuilt, in other cases the renovations and rebuilding could cost a lot of money making a big dent in your budget. Being vigilant and keeping an eye on the early signs does help you take timely actions and save this un-avoidable monetary loss. The dense vegetation in West Vancouver provides a wonderful habitat to wildlife, including Raccoons, Squirrels and Rodents. The rats and mice find easy access to your dwellings and share your food. Imagine, you are on vacation and return to find your residence and bed has been shared by rats, enjoying the undisturbed cozy and warm place to live. The spread of diseases through the rodents is another worrisome thought. Indian Meal moths are also frequently found in residences. Bedbug itchy spots are frequently noticed. These may seem to scare you but Pest Control West Vancouver can provide you a solution and peaceful living.

Commercial Pests

The retail stores, restaurants, hotels also have to deal with the rats and mice dilemma. Once these pests find a way to sneak in, it may be months before you realize their presence either through noticing the damage to food containers, packaging or finding droppings behind the stored food or under the oven, cooking ranges. Once their population reaches a high level they start daring to be out during day or in the presence of the workers. You don’t have to let them reach a stage where eye to eye contact becomes a routine. Take proactive action on the first citing or the evidence of their presence. The trees in West Vancouver provide a nice habitat for birds to build nests. Often these end up in the commercial buildings as well. The bird droppings can ruin the facia and appearance of nice buildings, or even drop upon the customers passing through that area. Inside the commercial business’s cockroaches are also noticeable. Whether these come with the purchases or travel through interconnected sewerage system, these establish very easily and increase in number rapidly. Many business owners tend to rely on DIY approaches with limited success, ending up in an uncontrollable situation. Wise decision would involve proper Pest Control West Vancouver.

Benefits of hiring Profession Pest Control experts

The humanity has evolved through experiences and innovations. Whenever, seemingly we are in control of the pests, these find way to evade our home-made remedies and survive. A natural phenomenon for survival under unfavourable conditions. Our domestic DIY techniques thus have limited scope, not a total eradication. For tangible pest control the services of an experienced professional are essential. Advance Pest Control experts are fully trained, carry many years’ experience and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest knowledge and developments in the field of pest control. Their mission is to provide customers a long lasting and affordable solution through Pest control West Vancouver. Hiring professionals, in the long run turns out to be more economical and resultantly you and your family enjoy a safe, healthy and worry-free living.

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