Vancouver Rats Problem: getting the best solutions

If there is one thing that has kept pest control companies busy in Vancouver is Vancouver rats problem. It is hard to get rid of these pests for many reasons. For instance, rats multiply really fast making the control quite hectic. They don’t have a specific breeding season although their rates change with the weather. Very high or very cold temperatures may slow down their multiplication rate.

The Vancouver rats problem is one which has caught the attention of many people hence the need of taking care of it.

Types of rats in Vancouver

There are several types of rats that are prevalent in the Greater Vancouver area. They include the invasive Norway rat also known as street rat, common rat, , Hanover rat and sewer rat, the “pizza rat”, the roof rat and the house mouse.

The roof rat is notorious for invading rooftops and causing disturbances in the house as well as in commercial properties. They can cause a lot of damage.

Being both an industrial and a residential region, Vancouver has ample conditions for these rats to breed. Rats thrive in community gardens, kitchens, granaries, heaps of food scraps, and compost sites. They have very strong sense, almost human-like, and hence it is very difficult to catch them as they will have heard or spotted you as you lay a trap to catch them.

Risks associated to the Vancouver rats problem

You may ignore them as a small issue until they become a health menace, because of their nature of scavenging even in the dirtiest of places. Rats transfer a lot of pathogens which can result into diseases such as bubonic plague, the typhus, toxoplasmosis, Weil’s disease as well as trichinosis. Aside from health problems, they also cause damages to houses, treasured items such as books and clothes, gnaw on cereals and spread dirt almost everywhere.

At Advance Pest Control, we help our clients get rid of rats using environmentally-friendly products and the most effective methods. Apart from offering this rat control services in Vancouver, we also extend our operations in other major cities such as Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Ladner, Port Moody, Richmond, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, and Delta.

We offer tailor-made and advanced pest solutions which do not only kill the rats that are already in your home or place of work but also measure on how to prevent more rats from infesting your household. These methods are effective for both residential and commercial buildings. But for commercial buildings, they will have to be applied on a large scale. Some of the solutions include;

  • Cutting bushes and trees that are hanging low on your buildings
  • Keep your surroundings clean and always clean up spilt foods and seeds that rats love feeding on.
  • Keep garbage and food in well-sealed containers to keep the rats away
  • Seal off gaping holes in buildings.

We’ve been in this industry for many years now and, therefore, we have the best solutions as far as Vancouver rats problem is concerned. As a result, if you have seen or noticed these rodents anywhere within your home or commercial property, just give us a call and our well trained professionals will respond promptly. You will like the quality of services that you will get. The beauty of working with Advance Pest Control is the competitiveness of their rates. You can get in touch at any given time and your problem will be solved.

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