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Surrey Mouse Problem

A recent survey claims that the most common problem faced by residents of Surrey is mice infestation. In 2019 Surrey was termed as the 5th rattiest city in B.C. Residents may take measures such as covering any cracks or holes with weatherproof sealant in your base. Attaching weather strips around windows and doors, as well as sweeping doors. Landscaping can be a lure for large rodents.

Hold shrubbery cut back from your home’s exterior walls at least one meter to avoid any rodent hiding spots. Eliminating any sources of moisture needed for the survival of pests, such as clogged gutters or collecting water in garbage or recycling bins. Inspecting the rodent droppings burrows and rub marks along baseboards and walls both inside and outside of your house. The faster rodents are found, the better.

However sometimes, such pest problems are ignored by people and there are people who try to handle pest problems themselves. We are utterly wrong in both cases. Some researchers suggest it will be better to hire experts while considering handling pest problems. Through recruiting them, you can be confident that the pests will be completely removed, and that the removal process will not harm your health.

What kind of mouse problems is expected in Surrey?

  • Rat-Bite Fever Rat-bite fever (RBF) is a possible fatal infectious disease transmitted by infected rats, or rodent-contaminated food intake. Symptoms usually occur 3-10 days after being exposed to an infected source and include fever, vomiting, headaches, rash and muscle pain.
  • Rodents can pose a significant risk to property in addition to health risks, as they continue to kill insulation in attics and can chew through wallboards, cardboard, wood and even electrical cabling.
  • The Plague, also known as the “Black Death,” is a highly contagious and often deadly disease known for killing one-third of the population of Europe during the Middle Ages. Pest usually spread through the bite of an infected rodent flea and can cause fever, headache and painfully swollen lymph nodes.
  • Hantavirus is a life-threatening disease transmitted by the white-footed deer mouse mainly to humans. People become infected by contact or inhalation to contaminated rodent urine, droppings or saliva, and the risk increases when people are close to areas where the rodents are involved.
  • Rodents can quickly move from being unnoticeable to causing a full-blown infestation with rapid reproductive rates. Homeowners should see prevention as the first line of defense for these pests again and take steps to keep them out of their homes.

Now that we are well aware of how hazardous mice can be, what can you do to solve this problem?

We suggest opting for a reliable pest control service such as our Mouse control Surrey program at Mega Pest Control. With an excellent track record for removing mice from properties, we provide services for both commercial and residential places. In the long run, hiring pest control for businesses costs less than allowing pests to destroy the house. Mice will require thousands of dollars in cost of repairing, for example.  A pest control company will most of the time apply preventive measures around your house, either while you’re there or away. This saves you the trouble to do the work on your own. In addition to getting rid of rodents, some pest control companies also offer other facilities such as isolation fixing and repairing utensils. If you ever need other repairs around your property, this gives you a place to turn to.

Pests are living creatures, so drop-downs and dead bodies are evident. A specialist in pest control will manage the pest removal process and will also handle other aspects of pest termination, including ensuring that your home is free of pest-related debris


Just around your neighborhood, Mouse Control Surrey at Mega Pest control is a highly recommended extermination service. Our aim is to provide the best professional help your household needs. Our team consists of experts that are well trained in mice extermination. Professionals that know how to apply long term solutions, with methods that are eco-friendly and safe for your family as well as the atmosphere in your home.

Cost Effective

It is easy to assume that purchasing insecticides over – the-counter is a cheaper option, but that is often not true. If you are not aware of the pests you are dealing with or the severity of the infestation, the insecticides could waste your time and money. Experts must classify the pests in question specifically so that they can implement the best and most efficient extermination process.

Call us today to have a professional guide you. We also offer customized plans that are specifically designed to cater to your problem. On the top right hand of the webpage, you can click to get a free quotation!


Seal entry points, keep food stored in airtight containers, and maintain cleanliness in your home.

Yes, we use humane traps and methods to ensure the safe capture and relocation of mice.

We conduct thorough inspections to identify entry points and use high-quality materials to seal them effectively.

It’s possible, but our preventive measures and follow-up services minimize the risk of re-infestation.

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