Pest Control Service in North Vancouver

The pests of North Vancouver are no stranger to residents in the household. There are loads of creepy crawlers that infest several homes at the beginning of spring and throughout summer. Even if you have been taking preventive measures all along, some pests can still infest your home.

To help you become more aware of the situation and learn more about the different pests that may enter your home unwelcomely, here is some valuable information for you.

Ants get into your house through the tiniest of cracks and crevices and can form colonies inside walls and the house’s foundation. This leads to severe property damage as they chew on wood too.

They also infest your food containers, pet food bowls, and water bowls. Some species of ants may also bite you and cause allergic reactions such as the fire ant. They should not be taken lightly in the case of an infestation as they also chew on wires, leading to fire hazards.

You can seal off any crevices and cracks in the walls and windows with tape, petroleum jelly, and other chemicals but to ensure perfect removal of the pests, you should get in touch with Pest Control North Vancouver and let the expert exterminators handle the rest!

Mice/rats are the creepiest of crawlers that can infest your home. Not only will they give you horrible icks upon every sighting but they will also seriously damage your property and spread diseases.

Surely, you would’ve heard all about the great plague. And while thankfully that isn’t around anymore, rats/mice still carry a lot of diseases such as Salmonellosis. Their urine and other waste material are the main agents in spreading diseases.

Furthermore, they can also chew up valuable materials such as books, shoes, and plastic. They build their nests in soft materials such as your shoes and books.

Another nuisance that mice or rats cause is the noise caused when they run in the hollow walls and the attic. You can also hear them scratching while they are building nests and multiplying rapidly in the walls.

Bed bugs can easily enter your home if you just stayed at another place or used another mattress and can infest your bed, clothes, and bedding material. They live off of blood and often bite you. The bites aren’t that harmful, they only sting a little and cause irritated skin for a few days but can be dangerous to those with allergies, pets, and children too.

They can also live in the folds of your clothing, comforters, blankets, and on your bedhead. They also leave loads of dark-red spots (blood) and eggs on your bed. They aren’t known to transmit any diseases but they are still very annoying. To get rid of them, you should thoroughly clean out your bedding, vacuum it properly, and wash everything thoroughly.

However, if you have a bed bug infestation, we still suggest you contact Pest Control North Vancouver so that professionals can carry out the right extermination methods that will ensure proper removal and that they will not return!

Squirrels may seem cute and entertaining to watch at times but if they enter your home, then they can seem like nothing but annoying pests.

They are a type of rodent and exist in several species. The most common ones are:

Red squirrels: they are very noisy during the day and feed on seeds, nuts, and conifer cones. If you pick up any squeaking sounds or growling, especially from the woods, you can ensure their presence; after which you should immediately call Pest Control North Vancouver.

Flying squirrels: they are active during the night and make noises in the dark, unlike red squirrels. They are also more concerning as they can chew away any area they want to create an opening so they can come and go easily. They can also get into your house through any tiny openings so be sure to seal off any such entrances.

Gray squirrels: they make their homes using leaves and mostly move around in bushes and trees. They are usually bigger than flying squirrels and move around a lot at night. They store and consume food like fruits, nuts, veggies, etc. This means they can also invade your kitchen and make a huge mess looking for food – all squirrels can.

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