Why you need expert help to get rid of cockroaches

Resilient, adaptable and hardy – all these descriptions fit the cockroach-like no other organism. They survive on limited rations when required and if there is a nuclear war – guess which insect will outlast the rest of humanity?

Nailed it in one! A cockroach survives even decapitation with its head and antenna moving for a long time. Looks like cockroaches will inherit the earth in the long run.

Vancouver is no exception to these sturdy insects and it is often disconcerting to see a cockroach running across a freshly disinfected kitchen or bathroom tiles.

However, is there really a need for cockroach control in Vancouver?

Alas, yes. Cockroaches spread bacteria, worms and human pathogens. As they crawl through damp earth and sewers before reaching your pristine home, they carry germs on their bodies and legs and infect food or food surfaces. They even cause asthma by building up allergens in deposits of droppings, secretions and dead bodies of other roaches.

Identifying Cockroaches

You might have seen cockroaches in your biology classes at school, however, it is easy to assume other insects to be roaches, especially if you see them after dark.

There are common identifiers that differentiate them from other insects.

What are the other common insects which can be mistaken for roaches?

  1. Crickets – Differentiated by sound. Cockroaches are silent.
  2. Giant Water Bugs – measures up to one inch across while cockroaches are leaner.
  3. June Bugs\ May Beetles – a stockier appearance when compared to cockroaches.
  4. Asian Long-horned Beetle – They are black with white spots and a long antenna. Though it is easy to identify it as a different species in the daytime, it is not so when there is no lighting.

Cockroach Type found in Vancouver

What is the only type of cockroach which we have found while dealing with cockroach control in Vancouver?

German Cockroach – About 5/8th of an inch long, these cockroaches are mostly brown in colour with longitudinal stripes on the thorax.

Found in apartments, restaurants, homes and supermarkets, these nocturnal insects infest places flanking nourishment, humidity and warmth.

They are omnivorous. From the gum on the back of a stamp to leaves, they find nourishment anywhere.

Females lay egg cases every 20-25 days which contains 18-48 eggs. Furthermore, these baby cockroaches can grow into adults in 36 days and their lifespan is one year.

Research states that a female cockroach produces up to one million eggs in its lifetime. Whew! That’s a lot of roaches if you consider a colony!

How to identify an infestation?

When the world sleeps, these creatures prowl and feed inside your home. They emerge from nooks and crannies which are warm and moist – such as behind sinks, under floor drains, inside motors of major appliances and even behind refrigerators.

You might see faces or egg cases around the house even though you might not see the roaches. Moreover, a serious infestation may give out a musty odour which is highly unpleasant.


It is extremely difficult to reduce or eliminate roaches through home-remedies. Nevertheless, having a good sanitation and clean home does wonders for cockroach control in Vancouver.

Other commonly used methods for cockroach control in Vancouver are:

  • Vacuuming
  • Surveillance
  • Baiting Program
  • Sealing of cracks

These common remedies can quickly reduce, or if you are lucky, completely eliminate any traces of cockroaches at your home.

When to call in the experts for cockroach control in Vancouver?

Cockroaches are adjustable and tough and will tend to resist any effort from your part to exterminate them. Over-the-counter products do more harm than good, especially if there are small children in your home.

As experts how do we go about the process for cockroach control in Vancouver?

More often, than not, we request the homeowners to remove attractants such as pet food bowls, dishwashers or trashcans. Inspection of furniture and sealing cracks form the next step.

We set up traps in all probable areas where a cockroach may hide. However, the details of the exact plan are provided on a case-by-case basis by our experts.

Check out our other blogs here – http://advancepest.ca/category/blog/. Call Advance Pest Control if you need help in exterminating any pests from your home or cockroach control in Vancouver.

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