Mice in Apartment

Mice Problem in Burnaby Apartments

When you see gnaw marks or holes on window nets; or when you suddenly hear squeaky sounds in the middle of the night; or smell something strong and pungent like animal urine; you can be quite sure that you have these uninvited housemates around. The city of Burnaby is well known for housing rats and mice, especially in its apartments and condominiums. The complaints have been ever-growing and Advance Pest Control offers guaranteed and recommended pest control services to solve this annoying problem.

Having mice in your habitat is not only vexing and pesky, but it can also spread diseases and ailments. Rodents like rats and mice breed upon your eatables, and their excretory droppings carry worms and bacteria that are dangerous and sometimes life-threatening.

Our first step towards finding a solution to this major mice problem in Burnaby apartment and condo is to identify their haunt. They are generally active during nights and rarely come out during the day.

  • Look for entry points like cracks and crevices on the walls, broken pipes or any other suspected inlet. Seal them completely
  • Mice love food. Make sure not to leave any food item open or reachable. This way you will save the mess, and they might automatically find some other dwelling place.

After you have identified the entry points and the cause of invasion, our next step is to get professionally rid of them. Mice are very swift and alert and therefore to trap them you might seek an expert’s help. Advance Pest Control has fail-safe equipment and tools to help you out with minimal stress. Their team of professionals do ‘the chasing away’ of pests so efficiently that you will never regret seeking their assistance.

Methods to chase them away

It’s not a new thing for mice Problem in Burnaby Apartments. Several methods are being followed to drive these annoying creatures for decades. You can also try a few of these methods to solve the problem yourself:

  • Set up a mouse trap
  • Infuse peppermint oil in their nesting areas
  • Use a repellant
  • Bring cats to frighten the mice
  • Professional annihilation

Despite making so many attempts to get rid of the mice in your apartment or condo, the only choice left would be calling for professional services like Advance Pest Control. It is far cheaper and less cumbersome to hire professional to sort this problem. Before it gets too late, and before these rodents cause severe damage to your home furniture, reach out to these pest control services to implement their “rodent control program”. They use top-notch equipments and traps to deter the mice forever from the apartments and condos in Burnaby. Also, the use of baits, tracking powders and other repellants make sure the mice don’t enter the homes easily.

Advance Pest Control services not only eliminate the mice problem but also provide advice to control the menace-causing creatures in future as well. They use eco-friendly methods so as not to pose any dangers to your pets and children. They offer guaranteed services and are proud members of the NPMA, CPMA-ACGP and Structural Pest Management of BC. Their high class services are readily available and client satisfaction is their top priority. Apart from controlling the mice, they offer a wide range of pest control services including ants, birds, raccoons, roof rats, moles, bed bugs, wasps and the list goes on. Their branches are spread across BC and pride themselves as being the best pest control service company in the province.

So, next time you find any mice infestations in your household, the solution is just a few clicks away with Advance Pest Control.

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