Mice Control Coquitlam – Eliminating Mice Problems

With mountains to the east and the north and surrounded by natural wilderness from all sides, it comes as no surprise that the residents of Coquitlam suffer from unwanted pest infestations because of the great outdoors. Especially during the fall, homeowners of Coquitlam discover mice invading their properties. These pests attempt to enter their homes through whatever entry points they can find for food and shelter. If you have mice wandering around your office or homes and are worried they may breed and nest in your walls, you need mice control services from professionals like Advance Pest Control.

 Understanding Mice Species

Mice are resourceful pests that can scurry through the smallest of openings in your home or wall voids to enter the property and nest. Once inside, they can disrupt your entire home and create big troubles for you in the form of food contamination and exposing you to some serious diseases. The harmful bacteria that they carry with them can put your entire family at a serious health risk. The most common breed of these pests is the house mouse. Their colours can vary from white, grey, to black and light brown.

Mice are used to living in the wild and harsh environmental conditions. Some of the species are even able to survive long dry spells. So, you can imagine the havoc they can create when living in a protected environment of your homes with easy access to food and shelter. Mice can easily live in homes for two to three years and breed. Their population increases drastically as the female mice are capable of producing anywhere between 5 and ten litters per year.

Mice prefer to feed on cereals and insects though they can eat almost anything. This is why it becomes essential to maintain high hygiene standards in all the areas of your home, especially the kitchen. Any spill-over or leftover food on the kitchen counter is an invitation to these pests.

 Proofing Your Property to Prevent Mice

Here are some things that you can do on your own to keep these pests at bay:

  • Find out if there are any gaps located higher up on your building or your rooftop and get them blocked.
  • Regularly clean your garbage disposal area, kitchen area (especially under the refrigerator and stove) and cupboards.
  • Consider fitting bristles to the bottom of your doors if there is a gap between the floor and your door as that becomes an easy entry point for the mice.
  • Any holes that are larger than 0.5 centimetres make it easy for mice to enter your home. Make sure you have sealed all the exterior wall holes for pipes and cables.
  • Keep your lawn grass trimmed so that you are not unknowingly providing any shelter to these pests. It is wise to maintain a gap between your garden and the foundations of your building.
  • Ensure that there are no tree branches that are too close or touching the walls of your property. Keep them trimmed and, if possible, avoid creepers that grow on the sides of your homes.

 Mice Control Solutions

We at Advance Pest Control cater to residential, commercial as well as industrial spaces to eradicate any mice infestations. Over the years in this business, we have developed time-tested rodent control techniques that are safe, effective and reasonable. Be it small scale or big scale we value all our clients and provide our specialised services making sure that mice cannot sneak into your properties ever again. Mice control Coquitlam area is one of our specialised areas.

We pride in our team of specialised and experts who understand everything about the issues surrounding these pests, their behaviour, biological characteristics, and more. We know how to do our jobs, and do it well. With our carefully crafted extermination techniques, we know exactly how to deal with these pests by finding their entry and exit points.

We first determine the size of infestation of your workspace or home and based on that use single or multiple doses of anticoagulant rodenticides, as needed. Once we make sure that all the mice have been completely exterminated, we follow it up by sealing all the entry and exit points to make your property rodent proof.

To book an appointment, you can email us at info@advancepestcontrol.ca or call us at 604-786-4161.

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