Hornet control tips for Vancouver residents

If you are planning a trip to the “salmon capital of the world”, Vancouver, you might also be interested in knowing the recent horrifying gossip about the hornet attack on a local resident. Valerie Walsh reported the presence of a Japanese giant hornet in her home to the Global News a few weeks ago.

How did the terrorizing creature make its way to B.C.? is what everybody is wondering about. The curious couple started their own research regarding the hornet’s origin and behavior. After having a word with entomologists at the University of B.C., she concluded that it was a foreign creature and could be a deadly intruder whose stings could lead to death. Walsh was also alarmed and curious to know if more such creatures are existing at Vancouver and contacted us to know more about hornet control tips for Vancouver people.

What is Hornet?

Hornet is a wasp belonging to the genus, Vespa. They love to build their nests anywhere they like and can harm anyone who tries to damage their homes. If you are allergic to insect bites, a sting hornet sting can cause a hoard of troubles to your health. Mostly non-aggressive in nature, these hornets attack only when someone is trying to disturb their nests. Their dwelling place include,

  • Trees
  • Attics
  • Rooftops
  • Garages
  • Hollow spaces
  • Rodent burrows

How to treat hornet control problems at Vancouver?


Here is where professional assistance from Advance Pest steps in to treat hornet control problems at Vancouver from start to finish. You need to identify the right species of wasps, which includes hornet before you implement your treatment methods. There is often confusion for the layman, between hornets and bees. Therefore, it is recommended to contact professionals for the task.

Nest Removal

Once Avance Pest Experts have identified the hornet nest, our next step is to remove it safely without being stung. It is a very daunting task for hornet control Vancouver residents and therefore, you require a certain skill to get rid of the nest from your premise.

One important thing to remember while removing nest is that there would be thousands of wasps inside a single nest. These hornets will obviously get aggressive if their habitat is disturbed. So the technicians of professional extermination companies wear protected dress and helmet to protect themselves from stings. One factor that affects the hornet control treatment at Vancouver is the area where the hornets have build their nests. Depending upon its location, aerosols, liquids and dust are applied.  Moreover, the experts take care that all traces of hornet nests are removed from the place to avoid future hornet infestation in the same place.

Why hire a professional?

Despite all your attempts to get rid of hornet and control methods at Vancouver, you will end up in vain owing to the stubborn and aggressive nature of these pests. A professional will do it in a customized way that is suitable for your problem. They are well aware of various wasp species and implement the appropriate treatment method. They also offer expert advice on how to prevent future infestations and keep hornet control issues in Vancouver at bay.

The skilled personnel from Advance Pest Control also bring along safety tools to safeguard themselves and remove the nest in such a way that your home is not adversely affected by wasps. If you try to remove the nests standing on a ladder without wearing bee proof clothing, you have higher chances of being stung by thousands of wasps. If you have colonies of hornets, the pest exterminators would repeat visits to your place as long as your entire premise is free from hornet control problems in Vancouver.

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