Getting Rid of Rat Problem in Vancouver

The rat population in Vancouver is growing at an alarming rate. This is evident by the increase in the rodent calls to pest control professionals in the area. Ask anyone who has ever had to deal with a rat problem, and they will rightly tell you of what a nightmare it can be. The amount of destruction that these seemingly tiny creatures can cause to your property is shocking. Not to forget the risk of being exposed to diseases due to contamination of food. If you are someone who is worried about rats nesting in your walls and giving you sleepless nights, it is time to take the services of a professional rodent exterminator.

 Common Rat Species

Rats are very smart and know how to hide. They generally come out in the dark looking for food – all this while remaining totally unnoticed. They make the faintest of sounds making it even more difficult for you to notice they are present inside your home. The two most common types of rats that can be found in Vancouver are:

  • Black Rat: These are also known as Roof Rats and can be found making a home in your sheds, garages or even trees in your garden. They travel in and out of your homes through the plumbing and other electrical wires. They can enter homes from both the ground level as well as the roof level. They also prefer to make a nest in wall voids.

 The Norway Rat: This type of rat species enters your properties from the ground level alone. They are not known for their climbing skills but are great swimmers. They can be found in sewers. They like to nest underneath sidewalks, wall voids, decks, or crawlspaces.

 Signs of Rat Infestation

As rats are so good at hiding from humans, even professional rodent exterminators, it is often easier to look for signs of infestation than wait to spot the actual pest. Here are some signs you should look for:

  • Rat Droppings: Rats can produce up to 40 droppings per night, so it is hard to miss it if you have rats going in and out of your house or living in your property. Brown rat droppings are about 9mm to 14mm long and can be generally found in concentrated areas. 
  • Footprints: You can look for footprints and tail marks in areas that are dusty and less used like attics or storerooms. With a strong torch light flashed at a long angle, you should be able to see their tracks. 
  • Scratching Noises: You can hear brown rats scurrying under sheds or floorboards. They can also be identified with the grinding noise they make from their teeth. If you hear such sounds, it is a confirmation that these pests have infested your house.
  • Damage: Rats’ teeth can chew anything from insulation, pipes, and wood to brickwork and drywall. The little demons are even capable of exposing your home to fire mishaps by chewing through electrical wires. 
  • Nests: These pests usually find warm and cosy places to hide. Also, areas like the kitchen that have easy access to food at all times is a favourite among the rats.

 Steps You Can Take for Rat Control

If you find any of the above-mentioned warning signs in your house, here are some of the preliminary steps that you can take to control the menace caused by rats.

  • Remove any form of garbage and clutter from your yard and garbage area that can invite the rodents to your home.
  • Trim the overgrown trees that are too close to your building and can provide an easy entry to the rats inside your property.
  • Make sure you keep your kitchen area clean, and there are no spill-over of food on the counters or leftover food items left in the open to entice rats.

Rat Control Solutions

Despite every measure you may take to prevent your home from getting infested by rats, there is still every chance that you may have to face a rodent problem. To get rid of that, consider taking professional services of rodent exterminators like Mega Pest Control. With our time-tested rat control techniques, we can cater to commercial, residential and industrial spaces. Our team of experts have handled many rodent infestation cases successfully and know how to make your house rat proof by sealing all the entry and exit points.

You can email us at services@advancepest.ca or call us at 604-786-4161 if you are in need of our rat control services.

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