Bird Control, Pigeon Problem in Vancouver

Pigeons are adapted to the human surrounding in a perfect way, just like rats. Human home and structures around provide them with excellent roosts. Your wastes and crops offer pigeons with plenty of food and the human way of life has gotten rid or reduced virtually all predators. Human relationship with humans is nothing but an amicable one.

The elderly are soothed and entertained by pigeons, but the middle aged cannot put up with the corrosive feces the birds splatter on cars, not to mention the health concern they pose. Before attempting to get rid of the birds with your DIY know-how, you need to know that they are not like your typical pests. Controlling pigeons require imagination and expertise. There’s no spray on remedies or a magic bullet to achieve it.

Getting rid of pigeons require an integrated approach, that is, application of several strategies in the concert. Whether you are an expert in DIY or need to learn the best way of getting rid of them.

Use live traps

Use of live traps is the most recommended strategy for Pigeon Problem in Vancouver. The birds are attracted by a bait such as cracked corn or wheat. When the pigeons are trapped, be sure to leave a number of them in the trap as decoys. This will attract the pigeons to jump in. You should not get rid of the trapped birds by releasing them, but instead get rid of them permanently. But when you see yourself snapping too many necks in a week, you shouldn’t mind to invite a professional.

Property modification

This is simply called pigeon proofing, which involves modification of your property to deny the birds access. Pigeon spikes, bird slopes, bird netting, electrified tracks are effective deterrents. Installing these and other products require some skills, of which if you do not have, why not invite a professional. By using exclusion you’ll save money and time in cleaning the feces and the roosts. When there’s eventually no place to land, there won’t be pigeons anymore.

Use special types of chemicals

If you have a large property or a park manager, then using traps and modifications may not be as effective. There are chemical products which act as baits and render the birds’ eggs infertile. When the birds eat the bait, they’ll stop having chicks. This method however requires patience since it can take up to eight months before the results become obvious. However, it’s going to be much cheaper than setting up spikes and other exclusion devices.

Use repellents in the roosting areas

The roosting areas can be made inhospitable without causing harm to the pigeons. The pigeon repellent products are in the liquid or gel form and are sticky, soft or hot as in capsaicin. The birds will come and experience the snarky stuff under their feet and leave. These products are cheap and can be applied by a novice but their effect is however temporary.

Other tricks

In some rural areas, where the pigeon numbers are low, firearms legal and safe, you can shoot them with a pellet gun loaded with a bird shot. They are not in the class of protected birds. But you don’t want to consider this option if your area is highly infested. There’s also the use of lasers, spooky owls and noisemakers.  However, no decent pest control professionals or publications will endorse the use of these products. This is because they offer temporary results and when the birds adapt, you have to find a new strategy.

Contact professionals

You can save yourself all these hassles and call pest control experts. Yeah, pigeon control is a pest control specialty which is very complex. Consider finding someone with experience with up to date skills in the control of pigeons.

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