Wasp Control Tips!

Wasps are one of the most common type of insects found in North America and other parts of the world. We usually see them in summer time. Wasps are more dangerous than any other insects since they can cause serious damage to human health. Some wasps have a sharp sting and venom.

Wasp sting can cause a severe allergic reaction and in some cases death. It’s very important to control wasp colonies and prevent human contact with wasps. Following remedial measures can help in wasp control. Wasps will often nest in voids such as vents, attics and crawlspaces. Making sure these areas are blocked up can limit places wasps may find suitable nesting locations. Keep tight fitting lids on trash cans so that wasps aren’t able to access any rotting food that may be in there. Have a preventative treatment done to deter wasps and other stinging insects from nesting on your property. While spending time outdoors, don’t wear floral smelling perfumes or lotions. You should also avoid wearing bright colors outdoors. These tips can help prevent attracting wasps directly to your person. If you limit the number of plants you can help prevent stinging insects from finding flowers on your property, your property attractive them. If you wasps nest around property, keep Children away from those areas. Keep Windows and Doors Closed, to prevent wasp’s problem inside. It is always better to call a professional if you have a wasp problem. Contact Advance Pest control and we can help you.

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