Wasp Control Langley

Wasp Control Langley

Summer is the best time when wasp activity around us increases. If you notice wasps in your backyard or even inside your home regularly, you should not take them lightly at all. These signs are more than enough to believe that wasps have infiltrated your home and established a nest there. An increase in wasp numbers usually indicates the presence of a nest nearby.

A wasp nest can usually be identified by its telltale characteristics. If they’ve managed to get inside, there’s a chance you’ll be able to hear them buzzing in your ceiling. At that moment, you should contact a reliable wasp control company.

How To Identify Wasps?

Wasps are easy to recognize. Paper wasps are distinguished by their huge bodies, which range in size from 1/2 to 1 inch in length and are black or brown. The bodies of paper wasps contain yellow patterns and grey-colored wings.

Yellow jacket wasps have the appearance of giant bees, but their bodies are slick and they lack hair. The yellow jacket wasp has a body length of 10 to 16 mm. Yellowjackets are usually black and yellow. When the yellow jacket is not in flight, its large wings fold up against its body.

Why Do I Have Wasps?

Wasps like to build their nests in the eaves, soffits, and gutters of houses. They are drawn to yards by flowers and plant life, as well as patios and other outdoor eating places with crumbs or sticky soda spills that have not been cleaned up.

Garbage cans that are not properly covered and emptied regularly attract wasps looking for food. Both developing and older wasps have plenty of prey on properties with a lot of insects and spiders.

Are Wasps Harmful?

Wasps are harmful, aggressive pests because they are territorial, and they will attack with their long stinger. Wasps, unlike bees, can use their stinger many times; when someone or something comes close to a wasp nest, the wasps sting to keep the invader out.

When wasps are upset or disturbed when pollinating or scavenging, they will sting. Wasps also attack in swarms, which can be extremely hazardous and lethal. If someone in your household is allergic to wasp stings, they may have a serious response that necessitates medical attention right away.

Don’t take the chance of being stung by a wasp. It’s difficult to get rid of wasps on your own, once they’ve built a nest in your yard or on your house.

It wouldn’t be a smart decision to take the wasps on yourself as you would only be putting yourself in danger. The wisest choice would be to contact expert pest exterminator services like Advance Pest Control Langley so our professional technicians can get rid of them effectively.

Do Wasps Harm Your Property?

Wasps, as you may have suspected, may cause a lot of damage to your home. The two types of wasps that will cause the most harm to your home are wood wasps and horntail wasps. These are the wasps you should be most concerned about.

As a wasp nest increases in size and becomes moist, it can quickly become a problem. If your ceiling becomes damp, the materials begin to deteriorate, allowing moisture to enter. If you wait long enough, your ceiling may ultimately cave in, resulting in a large hole.

Wasps can chew through a variety of materials. This could be to lay eggs or strengthen the building of their nest. They might even do it to gain access to your attic and your home’s warmth. Needless to say, when wasps begin eating into the wood, the structure of your ceiling and walls will swiftly deteriorate. If they make any fractures or gaps, they’ll take advantage of them to get access to your home. If they can get through the access sites, then so can a lot of other pests.

How We Can Help You

Our highly trained professionals will get rid of your wasp infestation as soon as possible. Our Professional team is well-trained and experienced, so they’ll be able to recognize a swarm and track it back to its source. They will also be able to detect what kind of wasp you’re dealing with as well.

We’ll choose the best course of action after locating the wasp nest and securely removing it from your property.

The eco-friendly products we use will not harm your home’s structure at all. Moreover, our effective solutions also ensure that no wasps will enter your house and set up a nest any time soon!

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