Vancouver Ants Problem in Summer

Everyone can’t wait to get hold of the summer when it’s just around the corner. The longer days, warm nights and sunny beaches. Those nice moments however also attracts some other nuisances; power outs, scorching heat and the ants.

If you have experienced ant invasion, you surely understand the hassle that goes through getting rid of them or controlling them. They can get to every level of your home and morsels of food. Of course there are pesticides designed for ants control in Vancouver, but their effectiveness only relies on the ant species and can be harmful to humans as well.

If you’ve tried out pesticides, and now looking for an alternative method since the latter didn’t deliver good results. Fortunately, there are several other ways you can use to stop the ant trails to your house.

Use vinegar

Vinegar never fails to amaze with the range of uses it has in homes. It’s a great cleaning agent, used for cooking and repelling ants. The strong scent of vinegar makes it repellent to ants. Hence using vinegar to clean your countertops, floors and other surfaces prone to ant attack can help keep your house clean and free from ants.

Thorough kitchen hygiene

This seems so simple to achieve but remember that ants go for anything during summer. So removing the stray food lumps that rolled under the fridge is going to be necessary. This seems tedious but goes a long way to achieving the desired results. Always ensure that you’ve cleaned up promptly after every meal. Left overs and chocolate packages should be disposed of immediately and the garbage cans kept clean.

Draw chalk lines

Sidewalk chalks and ants usually don’t mix, have you noticed it? When ants stumble through the chalk particles they get covered and sometimes it is recommended to use chalk with certain minerals like talc which actually kills them. You simply need to draw heavy thick lines around their entrances. You should use this method together with other conventional methods of elimination.

Create diversions

When everything seems to have failed, you might want to consider creating a diversion instead. You when a colony is camping around, you don’t want to attract them into the house so a diversion would be much better. Remember that ants have a strong pungency sense. So you can instead divert them by setting a honey pot that lead away from your home. Once they decide that the honey pot you’ve set up is much better than your food in the house, you can easily set up an elimination to deter them from coming back.

Create a moat for your pet bowls

Pet bowls are pungent and attracts ants easily. You can avoid this problem by placing the pet bowl in another larger bowl that’s filled with lathered water. This will act as a barrier to keep the ants from your pet food.

 Seek professional help

Most of the DIY tricks work. However, most of the time when you need the control to be as much effective as possible, professional control is a much better option to control them and avoid recurrence.  Professional pest control experts are usually skilled and experienced. A better way to find a good expert in this matters is to seek for licensed and certified pest control experts who use licensed control methods.

Professionals understand each ant species’ habits and use the knowledge to develop a control program for your case. What makes them much better choice is that they can also offer control for your business premises where the DIY tricks may not be applicable.

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