Advance Pest Control is the new buzzword in Surrey, thanks to the company’s creative, innovative, eco-friendly, efficient and affordable service for dealing with a common, yet a chronic problem – pests.
We are part of nature and live with nature. Pristine natural surroundings can be a source of health, wealth, relaxation and rejuvenation. However, like with all other goodies of life, there is a downside. Mouse, squirrels, rats, moles, insects and their fellow residents of the wild are not about to let us have our peace. Often, we have to contend with extra ‘homeowners’ and residents who don’t contribute anything positive for the comforts they enjoy. Often, the problems humans face with insects and other pests are as a result of the actions of man. That’s why we begin in your house. Our pest eradication service is holistic. When pests invade your house, our first task is to establish the problem – the reason for the visit by these pests. Our trained personnel, after assessing the problem, will recommend the best methods for eradicating the problem. Advance Pest Control has an array of strategies to deal with all the types of pests that may trouble you. We study the causes, not just the effects. We aim at complete eradication of pests, not just temporary solutions. In the process, we take great care not to harm you, your family or guests. What else should you expect? Your satisfaction is our joy. We will work within the boundaries you specify. We will listen to you and advise you on the best methods of exterminating pests, based on the problem you are facing, our expertise and experience. Surrey Exterminator & Pest Control Services is eco-friendly. We will ensure the environment is left intact. We don’t use chemicals that harm plants or animals. We believe in preserving and conserving the ecosystem while at the same time getting rid of pests that make your life unbearable. We are licensed by the government to offer these services. Our clients expect our staff to be reliable and trustworthy. The people who will work on your premise are not only experts but also honest. We do background checks on all our staff to ensure our customers do not complain about anything within our service menu. You don’t need to worry about neighbours noticing the presence of Advance Pest Control when we are dealing with what might be considered an embarrassing problem.  Our cars do not bear our logos and pertinent information. We don’t create any unnecessary fuss. We do our work quietly, leave a satisfied customer, and disappear as quietly as we came. Unlike some of our competitors, we collaborate with you over the period we are dealing with pests in your premise or residence. Our team monitors the targeted pests to ensure the problem is eradicated. In case the problem recurs, we will be on hand to help. That is why we offer full warranty for the work we do. Surrey Exterminator & Pest Control Services are pocket-friendly. We can afford quality services for our clients because we use natural methods, in addition to scientific knowledge, to deal with the pest menace. You don’t need to fear to contract us. We will discuss the problem with you and offer you a tailor-made package. No Surrey resident should spend anxious, worrisome and sleepless nights when Advance Pest Control exists.   Call us Now. We will deal with the pest as you enjoy your natural environment.  

For more information please call Advance Pest Control : 604-786-4161

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