Tips to keep Winter Pests at Bay!

Winter season is a pleasant one, and we welcome it with a smile. The cold weather is just so soothing but it also brings winter pests along with the enchanting snowfall. The winter season is wonderful breeding time for pests. Your homestead is loved by pests to create their nests and get busy breeding and hibernating. They tend to thrive during this season owing to lowered mercury levels. Pest control in Delta homes is not to be ignored as these pests can rapidly spread diseases and make you sick.
Let’s have a microscopic look at what kind of pests enter homes and offices during the winter season before we discuss pest control in Delta.


For residents of CANADA, mouse problem is the biggest of all. Foraging for warmth and shelter, these critters enter homes through gaps and holes in secluded areas like basement or attics. Some house owners recently reported electrical fire because of wires being bitten by mice. In another instance, mice caused complete damage to drywalls and other structures causing a lot of repairing expenses. Not to forget, mice are carriers of several diseases spreading virus lie salmonella and tapeworms. So if you spot even a single mouse, the first thing to do is gear up for pest control in Delta. How to combat mice problems?
  • Close all vents and opening which make it easy for mice to enter homes
  • You can use steels wool or caulks to cover the smallest of the openings.
  • Always be vigilant for pest control Delta and inspect for mouse traces like droppings, gnaw marks or any damage to structures, cardboard boxes, food, fruits and vegetables, etc.


If you have chimneys and attics at home, you are sure to invite raccoons to your place. These find their way inside foraging for shelter. Raccoons are notorious for spreading rabies. How to combat raccoon problems?
  • Trash bins need to stored away from home premises. If it is not feasible, make sure to close with tight animal proof lids.
  • Cover up chimneys and other vents with tight fitting mesh. Raccoons are also good climbers so keep tree branches that touch your buildings always trimmed.


You’ll find them in close proximity to food storage and damp areas and moisture lets them thrive making homes a perfect dwelling place for cockroaches. The main entry points for these pests are through grocery bags, drains, appliances and cardboard boxes etc. They contaminate the food as they carry bacteria and viruses on their limbs. For children, roaches bring along possibilities of asthma. How to combat cockroaches?
  • Keep your home clean and free of litters.
  • Frequently clear up clutter and junk to avoid inviting cockroach troubles.
  • Check for traces underneath sinks and appliances as cockroaches find it comfortable to breed there.
  • Vacuum cleaning is a good way to prevent roaches.
Why hire a pest control company in Delta? There are many reasons why pest control in Delta outscores DIY methods. These companies have a lot of experience in dealing with all kinds of pests. They do it in the right way and within the shortest span of time. Of course, it costs you a little extra, but the investment is worth the time. Most pest control companies in Delta are insured and licensed. They have the workforce that expertly inspects, removes, disposes and cleans all pests from residences, offices, restaurants, garages or anywhere. Pest control companies are also aware and updated with the regulations and policies from Pest Control Authority and similar organizations. So they know what chemicals are safe to be used in house premises with children and pets. They offer a free inspection of homes before they begin their pest management plan. For the plan, they formulate it based on various aspects like the severity of the infestation, type of pests, damage caused etc.

The Verdict

Be it any season, pests are always annoying. If you want a completely fool-proof solution to this ever-growing pest control problem in Delta, it is highly recommended to hire pest control in Delta. Before you hire an expert, make sure to perform background research of the company to get the best results. Ask questions about their experience in the field and if possible have a personal word with any of your relatives who have used their services previously.

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