I noticed some ants crawling around my property. When I started searching for holes, I found several spots around my house especially around back wall.
I followed the trail of ants which lead me to the dumped scrap wood sitting for years in the corner of my back yard. I drove down to the nearby store and found a product insecticide and sprayed it on the holes and the wood. I thought it will kill the ants and solve my problem. 
Next weekend I was working in the backyard I found new holes and same big ants crawling around. I read the labels of the spray I used, it claimed to control ants but apparently it just disrupted the trail but my problem did not solve. I started looking online and searched about ants and type of ants and how they work and how to control that problem. I compared the pictures with the ants found in my backyard. It was a shock to me that these were not ordinary ants but Carpenter Ants. After discovering the damages they cause to the property, I gave up “do it yourself” strategy and started looking for an expert. After searching through Google local business directory, going through several websites I called a few companies and set up an appointment with a local pest control service whose office was in North Delta area where I live. The guy showed up and did an inspection. He revealed the same thing that Carpenter Ants have infested my house. 

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