Spiders – The Eight-Leg Demons


You might be surprised to know that spiders are the most dreaded home invaders and there are many phobias around these insects as compared to any other pests. If you get bitten by a dangerous species like a brown recluse or a black widow, you will have a bad reaction to the venom and will end up in the hospital. Do you know that there are also deaths associated with bites from these eight-leg demons?

How to control them?

To control these insects, there are many different things you should be aware of. The reason is that they are biologically not receptive to chemical agents and they are also very non-cooperative in picking up pesticides. This means that just using a spray alone cannot be a good defensive mechanism to defend them. As they generally build their nest far above the ground, they rarely move their bellies across floores. This means that even when they get to the floor, the insecticide residue will just touch their feet and this will never control their development. So, what can be done?

You will have to reach the insect through a direct spray, a shoe, a newspaper or whatever weapon of your choice. The fact to remember here is that these organisms are arachnids, which means that they are not insects. The reason is that insects like wasps, cockroaches and ants use their mouth for grooming themselves habitually like cats. On the other hand, spiders do not regularly use their mouth to clean themselves. They will just use their legs to clean, but it is not a habit that will give you the assurance that a pesticide can kill them.

Due to these reasons, the pest control industry recommends that ‘contact kill’ can be the ideal method to get rid of the infestation of these organisms.

Methods followed by experts:

Generally, pest control professionals take steps to control their infestation based on the fact that they are predators. This means they feed on other insects for their living. So, when the other insects in your home are killed, the eight-leg demons will not get the food they need for their living in your home and so they make their move to some other food source.

The professionals also use traps like sticky trap, glue trap and similar methods to get rid of their infestations.

As against following some DIY methods to control these demons, the best thing you can do is to get in touch with a professional pest control service.

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