How to Solve the Ants Problem in Summer

Summer means sunshine, outdoors, fun and holidays. Everyone looks forward to the onset of the season. However, it is possible that your much-anticipated relaxation time may be curtailed by some tiny insects – ants. There are hordes of ants waiting to share your spaces: acrobat ants, Argentine ants, Asian needle ants, carpenter ants, crazy ants, dark rover ants, European fire ants, field ants (or Formica), harvester ants and crazy ants, to name a few.
Ants are a nuisance. Some are fond of various types of food in your house. You will find them enjoying your sugar, pastries and other carbohydrates. Some ants love fatty substances. Many will invade your house to make nests for breeding. Others will be running away from the sunshine outside. That is why you need Advance Pest services. It is understandable that your first reaction to ant infestation is to pick the nearest ‘weapon’ and to start killing the insects. One thing you will realize is that the more you kill them, the more they will appear. Pour water on them, and more will appear from their hiding places. You will go to sleep believing you have exterminated them only to wake up and find them crawling everywhere. Spraying the insects will bring back the same results or even worse. You might use a chemical that will end up hurting you, your family and your guests. In essence, most of your DIY methods to deal with ants problem in summer are likely to fail. Remember summer is too long a season to share with ants. What you need is the help of experienced professionals who have dealt with these insects effectively for many years. You don’t have to live with crawling ants or their bites this summer. You deserve a merry season, devoid of unpleasant surprises. By transferring the burden to people who know how to deal with ants, you will be making the most prudent decision in your situation. So, who is Advance Pest? We are a pest control company that has the best interests of its customers at heart. We have dealt with ants for many years, and we know their breeding patterns and behaviors. We know why ants invade homes and what can be done to deal with the problem once and for all this summer. We have dedicated customer care phone numbers through which you can call us any time you need our services. Our quick response teams are always ready to visit your home or business premise as soon as you ask for help. Don’t worry that prying eyes will know the problem you are facing. Our vehicles are not branded. We will solve you ants problem in summer because our operations are thorough and efficient. We will start with in-depth analysis of the problem. We want to know what kind of damage ants have caused and the type of ants you are dealing with. Years of study and experience have exposed us to diverse problems involving ants. We know not all ants behave the same way. Our experts are also trained on how to effectively destroy ants’ nests and ensure you don’t have to worry about these insects again. Where possible, we will use chemicals. However, we use organic chemicals so as not to harm your family, guests and other players in the ecosystem. By the time our personnel leave your premises, you will be glad you called us. You will enjoy restful nights. You will even refer your friends and neighbors to us in case they face similar problems. Be decisive. Call Advance Pest and say NO to ants and YES to a beautiful, rejuvenating and hassle-free summer.

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