Silverfish – Some Control And Prevention Techniques To Follow:


Many living organisms are considered pests by humans as they cause great deal of discomfort. One such pest is silverfish  and it is nocturnal in nature and known to move very swiftly. In addition, they reproduce quickly and their infestation can remain unnoticed for longer periods by the homeowners as they are secretive in nature. The main reason behind considering them as pests is that they have destructive feeding habits and so they can ruin wallpapers, papers and even clothing. They generally live near linen, paper sources and in dark and damp areas. Generally, their infestation can be found in basements, attics, bathrooms, laundry rooms and in kitchens.

Cinnamon can help as a repellent:

Professional pest control services follow different methods to control and to remove the infestation of these organisms from home and other buildings. But, before getting in touch such a service provider, one of the best and ideal methods that can be used at home for repelling these insects is the usage of cinnamon and ground cloves. These insects can flee from the areas containing these natural spices as they have an aversion to these things. Cinnamon can act as an effective repellent by preventing their infestations in certain areas of homes. But, this method is just a temporary solution as it cannot kill the silverfish or the eggs and also cannot address an existing infestation.

Should be swiftly addressed:

This is an infestation that should be addressed swiftly because, a single female insect can lay 1 to 3 eggs in a day or even can lay 2-20 eggs in a cluster, which vary according to the species it belongs to. As they live for more than two years, it is highly important to address the infestations as quickly as possible, so that the development of the family can be controlled.

Pest control professionals are of the opinion that eggs and adults must be removed from your home to prevent development. Even though, you can use cinnamon for short-term relief, it is better to get in touch with your local pest control service to completely eradicate these organisms from your home, so that the damage to your valuable documents and clothings can be prevented.

Addressing infestation:

Addressing the infestation of these insects generally need treatment of both adult insects and their harborage. When you choose DIY remedies, they generally work for a short period and will provide only short-term relief. Furthermore, traps available in the market will also be in-effective in eradicating complete population of these insects. So, get in touch with a professional pest control service for complete eradication.

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