How Rats Live and Breed


About the eating habits rats eat everything but they love to eat fresh meat and grain. Rats need ½ to 1 ounce of fluid every day, rats must have water to drink. Rats live under buildings, along railroad tracks, along fences, attics, walls and under vegetation’s. Female rats can have six litters of up to 12 young per year. Spring is the most active season for rats breeding, also rats can live up to a year and a half.

More about Rats

Rats can squeeze through a gap as small as half an inch in the building. The rat is a strong swimmer, he can get into the building from broken drains or toilets. They can run on a very thin wire, they can also get into the house from garage doors. The rats always follow the same route and pathways. Rats always stay 300 feet of the nest. Rats have very poor eyesight and very strong sense of smell taste and hearing.

Presence of rat signs are droppings, tracks, burrows and runways. Rats are bigger than mice physically, there are two types of common rats, Norway rats and roof rats. The two breeds fight with each other till death. Norway rats live in lower floors of the building and roof rats live in the upper floor. They both infest the building at one time.

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