Healthy living in the presence of pests is impossible. People with strong immune system care least about this menace. Think about the vulnerable in your family, how the micro organisms spread by these pests can disrupt there every day life. In recent scenario with COVID-19 pandemic almost everyone is affected one way or other; health-wise, socially, financially, culturally, leisure activities, entertainment, sports, hobbies and so on. Pests in dwellings should not be allowed to add to your miseries.
Pests can do structural damage to buildings, offices, manufacturing or storage facilities. Rats can chew through walls, garage doors, roof or any weak part in the house. So, do squirrels and Raccoon in Attics. Rats can chew wiring in parked car engines, water pipes, security system and electrical wirings in the house, surmounting to damages in thousands of dollars. Fleas, ants, spiders, wasps can bite or sting us leaving rashes and bite marks on bodies, often needing medical attention to deal with venomous stings. Rats, mice, cockroaches can spread diseases. Plagues due to rats are historical disasters. No one would like that to reoccur in todays well informed world, but it can still happen. Todays COVID-19 events are reminder for being vigilant and proactive. Act now and stop these pests to do irreparable damage to your property and your health. Advance Pest Control is a phone call away to make your homes pest free and germ free. We offer a wide range of pest management, clean up and disinfection services at affordable prices. Call 1-877-457-3297 (Toll Free) or 604-786-4161; e-mail: services@advancepest.ca

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