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Different pests in Vancouver are prone to infest your house, office, or garage, etc., at different times throughout the year. For example, carpenter ants are more likely to infest your house while food and beverage business need to be careful of cockroaches.

Advance Pest Control is here to rid your property of any creepy crawlers or other pests whenever you need it, with highly trained and experienced professionals. Our purpose solely relies on satisfying our customer’s needs and ensuring that their residential or commercial building is rid of any pests that come in sight!

Let’s take a look at some of the pest services we offer, how bad the situation can get, and how we will eradicate the issue:


They are truly a nuisance and can seriously damage your residential or commercial building if not removed timely with the right precautions. They have the instincts of any other animal, they set up camp wherever they find a good source of food, water, and shelter.

And if not removed as soon as the problem arises, they will only keep multiplying and will damage your property by nesting in soft materials and running around hollow walls, the roof, and the attic.

Our job is to help you take the right preventive measures, seal off all entrances and holes in your building so that no more mice can enter, and of course, removing all the rats/mice.


Several types of ants pose a threat to infest your house and Advance Pest Control is knowledgeable and experienced in most of those types such as carpenter ants, fire ants, and regular ants.

They might be small and harmless at first but if not taken seriously, ants can greatly damage your building and property too. For food businesses and residential areas, they can easily get inside food containers (if they are not properly sealed), and can chew on electrical wires creating fire hazards, and can inflict harm on your lawn or garden as well.

This is where we come in, our services and experts will ensure that all ants are gotten rid of from your building with the proper measures in little time!


Seeing spiders in your house or office is surely an unpleasant sight but they are more of an annoyance than they are harmful. The most that can happen is some irritated and red skin resulting from a bite.

The black widow, however, is one of the most poisonous spiders to exist. But it still doesn’t cause as many deaths as one might think, they are quite rare. The side effects are irritated skin, muscle cramping, sweating, high blood pressure, headaches, and dizziness. This bite should be cured almost immediately as the symptoms can worsen over time if not given medical attention right away. Moreover, people who struggle with severe arachnophobia can be especially caused with mental and emotional distress after seeing spiders around them, they surely wouldn’t want to be living with any.

This is why you should call our services for professional help as soon as you see one too many spiders around you. It is better to take precautionary actions and remove any visible pests before the situation gets too bad.

Why Choose Us?

We completely understand your problem and how frustrating it can be to deal with pests roaming in or around your abode. Our company specializes in dealing with all sorts of pests such as ants, rats/mice, moths, fleas, bees, cockroaches, bed bugs, etc.

Our focus is to provide efficient, effective, and long-lasting services to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Not only this but our services also remain highly cost-effective while prioritizing 100% customer care and that our clients are satisfied with the results.

Once you notice any kind of a pest near you, don’t take it lightly. Look for signs of an infestation and contact our services as soon as possible. The sooner our exterminators can remove the problem, the better it is. This protects your property from damage and saves you the annoyance caused by the creatures.

Other than offering brilliant services with wonderful supplies, each member of our team is also greatly experienced at their job. The advanced supplies we use at Advance Pest Control are up to the latest technology and ensure that no harm is done to your property and that the pests are fully removed with environmentally safe and non-toxic products through the various chemical and mechanical procedure, depending on the pest at hand and the gravity of the situation.

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