Pest Control Services in Surrey

Are you tired of pests invading your new home? Are you afraid that the infestations will lead to diseases and harm your kids? Are you tired of trying those DIY sprays and are not getting any results? If so, then you have come to the right place.
Pests can a be a real nuisance and can adversely affect your lifestyle. Not only do they make your house look dirty, but also spread dangerous diseases. It goes without saying then that pest infestations need to be removed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if the infestation exceeds a certain level, it cannot be stopped by normal DIY techniques, which usually involve spraying the infected area. This is ineffective as most pests develop a quick resistance to it and can therefore spread exponentially. Types of infestations Cockroach Infestation One of the most common types of infestations is that of cockroaches. Cockroaches can carry harmful viruses and bacteria and so, need to be eradicated immediately. They usually survive in dark and damp conditions. Ants/Termites Ants and termites are another common infestation. They are however, less harmful than cockroaches and can usually be prevented from entering the house by covering up any cracks or openings from which they are entering. Mice/rodent infestation Mice or rodent infestation is highly dangerous as it can grow very quickly and spread fatal diseases. The infestation is particularly dangerous for households that have babies or toddlers. Signs of infestation to look for Infestations are not obvious at first. This is especially true if you are buying a new house or renting a new one. Given the problems it can cause to residents, a list of certain signs that you should look for in order to determine whether infestations exist is  mentioned below. Pest Droppings Pest infestations such as those associated with rodents or mice, can be quite conspicuous due to the droppings that they leave behind. These pest droppings commonly include rat urine and mouse feces.  Stains Various pests can leave stains on the walls and other surfaces of the house. It is essential that you keep an eye for any signs of stains in order to identify an infestation earlier. Stains can vary in color and appearance but usually consist of grease marks on walls or tracks on the floor. Nesting Rats and mice can build nests for living. They may be present in the most obscure of places like holes inside kitchen cabinets, under the fridge and inside nooks. Smells or strange sounds Apart from the signs mentioned above, pest infestations can be revealed through bad smells or sounds. The sign particularly applies to rodent infestations as many rodents can be heard at night while everyone is asleep. Why hire a professional pest control company to deal with infestations? Of course, mild infestation can be dealt with light DIY techniques which may include setting up traps, applying sprays and other similar methods. However, it is likely to backfire if the infestation has grown to a very serious level. At this stage, one might require the services of a professional pest control company that can effectively eliminate the infestation from its roots. Also, there are many benefits of hiring a pest control company. To begin with, professional pest control companies have experts that do not use a lot of pesticides. The toxins will only be used in small quantities and hence it is much safer than otherwise. Additionally, the experts know where and when to apply these pesticides. Often times, when ordinary people try to spray them, they usually miss the critical spots causing the infestation to spread further. Moreover, a pest control company will carry out their procedures in a much cleaner and organized fashion, implying that little to no cleaning will be required after they are done. The professionals reach out to the roots as they know where the infestation might have its source. The practice ensures that the infestation is removed completely and you are given the peace of mind that you deserve. You may therefore contact Advance Pest Control Surrey, which is a highly affordable and reliable pest control service that guarantees complete removal of pests from your household.

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