Pest Control Services in Port Moody – One solution to all rodent problems

Did you wake up in the middle of the night hearing some squeaky quacking noise from under your bed? You might just have bumped into a rodent! These annoying pesky creatures are an utter mess to the common household. So what do you do next? Is there any solution to the pest control Port Moody problem?
Let’s first get to know the common rodents visiting our homes before we jump to any conclusions. Rats and Mice These are the most commonly sighted uninvited guests of our homes. They bring along parasites, bacteria and viruses which can adversely affect your family’s health. To name a few of the many dangerous diseases spread by the rats and mice include toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, typhus, bubonic plague and the list seems endless. These are life-threatening ailments, and therefore, it is pivotal to take necessary actions for pest control Port Moody to exterminate them as soon as you have identified their attack. These rodents are also notorious for causing severe damage to structures and property. They are skilled in gnawing away electric cables, chewing wood structures, or even brick. Their body muscles are so flexible that they can get through any opening that’s as small as a pea. To make matters worse, the rats and mice breed at an imaginable rate multiplying their numbers within very few days. For Pest Control Port Moody, how do we actually know that they have found their way in?


Start with investigating the drawers or cupboards, under the sink or the cot. Rodent droppings are the first thing you’ll notice when they have infiltrated your home. They mess around mostly the food sources. So keeping a watch on rat droppings could signal their attack.

Gnaw marks

You might be interested to know that rats have their teeth grow throughout their lifetime. Obviously, in order to scrape off its growth, it has to gnaw and chew something or the other constantly. This is easy. They leave gnaw marks on papers, clothes, old furniture etc. Check for fresh gnaw marks in these place to trace their presence.

Pets give us signals

Unlike humans, animals are gifted with the sense of smell with very high magnitude. So if your home has been invaded by pests and you have a pet, he’ll be the first to smell their presence! They are also very sensitive in nature, that they can easily identify addition of members (pests for that matter!) to your homes and react unusually to it. The sniffers are full of anxiety and are often agitated when they find pests around. Having identified pest invasion, our first step towards pest control Port Moody would be to take immediate action against it. If you laze around ignoring this issue, you might just realize that this was the biggest mistake you ever made. Rodents are cunning and efficient in escaping any kind of live traps, beeping devices, oils, fogs etc. Sometimes, when things get worse, you might have to reach out for professional extermination. Outsourcing pest control Port Moody have the following advantages:
  • They perform the complete inspection of your property on your behalf.
  • They use cutting-edge equipment to trap and eradicate pests from your homes and offices.
  • Take all the necessary steps to seal all possible openings or entry points for the rodents.
  • They are govt. approved and certified. So you can be assured that they use chemicals and tools which are not harmful to humans and our pets.
  • They offer customized solutions for pest control Port Moody to meet individual needs for pest control.
  • They also offer their services after removal of pests, like do all the cleaning of your homes and give you tips on how to prevent the pests from attacking homes in the future.
In a nutshell, the professional services provided are the only solution to your entire major pest control Port Moody problems, both for homes and offices.

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